Lundy Spring Term 2024


This week has been Mental Health week in school.  We have been focusing on how kindness can help our mental health as it makes us, and others we are in contact with feel happier.  We have been doing a Kindness ‘Scavenger Hunt’.  Y5 children have been creating flags to add to a school ‘bunting’ for the hall.  See the photos below.

In English, we have been finding out about the introduction of the Dragonology text – we have investigated the language and conjunctions of this formally written ‘non-fiction’ book.  Our maths learning has focused on ratio and proportion – we have been solving word problems using this.  We have continued our group compositions based on ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi – the children have been composing short motifs to represent different ‘Winter’ ideas/feelings.  In art we have been creating compositions using cubes – we have thought about placement, colour and levels. 

In English, we have begun a sequence of non-fiction writing based on the text, Dragonology. The children have been using deduction and prediction skills to find out about this text from letters and pictures. In maths, we have focused on percentages and linked this to fractions to solve problems. We have begun some group compositions based on ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi – I was really impressed with how the children worked together and how they performed with control!

In English, we have written our fairy tales – they are super! In maths, we have been revisiting fractions and solving problems involving these.  The Y5’s had a super first day of learning to be sports leaders – their behavior was great!  We have continued with our art and have been using our new skills to sketch our water bottles. 


In English, we have been planning our own fairy tales and generating words, noun phrases and similes that we might choose to use.  In maths we have been continuing with division and linking this to multiplication to solve problems.    In art, the children have been focusing on learning to shade when drawing cylinder shapes.  Also, they have listened to ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi and responded to what they heard. 

Lundy home learning  -  Happy New Year!

The children have returned to school with a super attitude to their learning. 

This week we have begun a fairy tale writing unit based on a story called Blackberry Blue.

We have been investigating fairy tale language and practicing inventing our own stories to tell verbally using the main elements of this genre.

In maths we have been developing our multiplication skills by using a compact column method. 

We have been reviewing what we know about flowering plants, ready to build on this knowledge in our science topic this term.