Frequently asked questions

  • Who will look after my child?
Our pre-school team consists of 5 practitioners who work on rotation across the week. For each session, there is typically 3 members of staff working in the setting. Where possible, we aim to overlap staff's working days to keep consistency across the week and so that the member of staff who was working the previous day can communicate key information to the rest of the team. Once enrolled, your child will be assigned a key person.
  • What is a key person? 
Each child will be allocated a key person. This is a familiar adult in the setting who your child will build a close attachment with and be available to communicate to parents and families around the child. Each member of staff in the setting has a group of key children. However, all practitioners care and support all children in the setting. Please do not worry if your child's key person is unavailable for some reason. You can approach any member of our staff with key information or questions you may have. 
For more information, please see Key Person information.
  • Who do I speak to if I have a question/issue or complaint?
Pre-school is led and managed by the school. The administrators will deal with your queries about payments, sessions, absence etc.
Mrs Paul is the lead teacher for Pre-school, Miss Mollie Birch is the lead practitioner, the pre-school staff and lead teacher communicate weekly. You can speak to any pre-school practitioner in the first instance. If your query is not resolved. you can arrange to speak to the Lead teacher, Mrs Paul or the Head Teacher, Melanie Smallwood. Please call the school office to make an appointment. 
  • What times can I drop my child and pick them up? 
There are set times to drop and collect your child during the day. These have to be fixed in order to keep the children safe. 
Drop Off: 8.30-9am (flexible due to school times)
pick/up/drop off: 11.30 am fixed  (please wait at the Early Years gate and a member of staff will come to you). 
pickup/drop off: 12.30 fixed   (please wait at the Early Years gate and a member of staff will come to you). 
Pick Up: 3.00 - 3.30pm (flexible due to school times)
The door will not be opened before these times due to staffing ratios and the safety of the children. 
  • What snacks and drinks will my child have at pre-school? 
A fresh fruit or vegetable snack will be provided in the morning and afternoon, there is no need to send extra snacks. Milk is provided at snack and lunch time and water is available all day. Children will be encouraged to access their own water bottles.
  • What do I need to send with my child?
A change of clothes - in case of toileting accidents or messy play!
Wellington boots for the garden (to be kept at pre-school if possible). 
Nappies - if appropriate. 
A water bottle (water only is permitted). 
A packed lunch - if you are not choosing to order a school lunch. Healthy options are requested, a balance of fruit, vegetables, protein and fibre (no confectionery, sugary/fizzy drinks).
Any medication needed.
 Please ensure EVERYTHING is clearly labelled with your child's name. 
  • How do I order a lunch? 
All meals need to be ordered through School Money
  • What will the learning look like for my child? 
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework is followed for both pre-school and reception class. The document Development Matters underpins our practice. For more information, visit EYFS Development Matters .
Ultimately, in the early stages (0-5 years) children learn predominantly through play and physical/concrete experiences. There is a mix of child-led, adult-led, guided and independent learning. The pre-school practitioners assess the children and use individual targets to plan and implement the learning that they need.