Lundy Summer Term 2024

Welcome back to the final half term of the year!

Y5 children have been learning about Shackleton through an English text called ‘Shackleton’s Journey’.  They have looked at multi-clause sentences and thought about how the text and pictures convey the feeling of isolation.  In history, we have looked at Ancient Greek Gods /temples, and how the architectural features can be seen in some buildings of today.  We have been finding out about the components of our blood in science and writing short explanations about each one.

The Y6 children took part in a cricket competition and represented the school brilliantly.  They all tried their best and they won several of their matches.


The Y5 children who went to London had an amazing time – their behaviour was exceptional and they were great fun to be with.  Well done Y5!

The Y6 children have been practising playing cricket this week. 

All the children have been writing stories in English.  We have been using the four operations to solve problems in maths and working on our bag designs in DT. 

After half term, the children will be making their own bags.  Please provide fabric that they want to use.  They should have brought home the measurements for the fabric they need.  The fabric must not be stretchy, as this is difficult to sew. 

If your child does not bring in fabric, the school will provide it, however, it may not be the colour that your child wants to use.


Y5 and Y6 please come into school in your PE kit on Monday and Tuesday after half term.



Well done Y6 – a super effort by all of you with your SATs!  Whatever your results, you can be super proud of yourselves as you couldn’t have tried any harder!  I am very proud of you – as are all the other adults that have worked with you this week.   

Y5 children have been great helpers in other classes for some of the time this week – all the teachers have commented on how sensible and helpful they have been.

We have been learning about countries and capital cities in Europe – focusing on where Greece is for our topic learning.  Y5 children have begun to make their prototype of their bag in DT.  The children have planned their independent suspense stories, and they are ready to write next week.

Y6 children please remember swimming kit on Monday.  Please wear your swimmers under your PE kit.  Also, wear your PE kit on Tuesday.


The Y6 children have come back into class really positively this week, after a super week on residential.  They were a pleasure to take away and everyone made great personal achievements.  Please see the Class Blog for photos.

In class this week, the Y5 children have been focusing on time problems, and learning to count on to find how long something lasted.  Some of the Y6 have been solving algebra problems, while others have been revising maths skills.  In English, we have been writing a story full of suspense, making sure that we write in well-organised paragraphs. We have made predictions about life in Ancient Greece using pictures of artefacts. Also we have been practising our sewing skills, before we design our own bags.


Y6 need to wear PE kits on Wednesday and Fridays from next week.  They can wear their Leaver's Hoodies for PE.

Welcome back to the Summer Term!
The Y6 children have been preparing for their SATs by having a ‘mock’ SATs week – I am very impressed by their brilliant effort. Next week will be funfilled and exciting as we go on our residential. Y5 children have been working on statistics – focusing on different types of graphs and learning to interpret the information they show. In English, all of the children have been enjoying our new text – ‘The Shadow Cage’ by Philippa Pearce. They have created freeze frames to delve more deeply into characters actions and then written diaries in character. Also, they have investigated how the author uses semi-colons and colons, as well as how she builds tension and suspense.