Parent Forum

The Parent Forum consists of representative parents from each year group who have volunteered to give their time to shaping the development of the school. We want everyone to be able to share their ideas and to contribute to decisions that we make in order to achieve our goals.

Previous discussions have been around: homelearning, road safety, rewards in school, fund raising to improve the school environment, school lunches, the curriculum, school organisation and wider opportunities for children. 

The representatives meet once a term with the Head Teacher or member of staff and often one of the Governors. Agendas are set around ideas put forward by parents as well as whole school improvement.

The representatives communicate with the parents in each class in order to ensure everyone can be involved. There is the opportunity to email your ideas to: parentforum@bishopstawton-primary.org

Discussions are based upon whole school developments and not individuals or single class concerns. These should continue to be addressed directly with class teachers and/or the Head Teacher if necessary.

We hope this process will ensure that our school continues to move forward in a positive way and that the learning experience for our children is fun, valuable and suited to their needs.


*Please note that this is a mutual and informal process, the workload and priorities for teachers and other school staff must be considered at all times, as should the practicalities of implementing some ideas. 

*You can always come and talk to us or join a parent forum if there are things you would like us to improve on. Please let us know.


The Parent Forum Group is as follows 

Pre School and Year 1 - Sally Foster 

Year 1 - Matt Smith 

Year 2 - Rebecca Dymond and Kat Quirk 

Year 3 - Sarah Bale 

Year 4 - Lisa Bashford 

Year 5 - Steph Reed 

Year 6 Rebecca Leach