Codden Autumn Term 2023

The children in Codden Class have enjoyed exploring the story of the Gingerbread Man.  They began by acting out the story using small world play, they tried to use words and phrases from the story in their retelling and recall the story in the correct order.
The children thought about why the Gingerbread Man didn't want to get wet in the river.  The investigated what happened when their Gingerbread  biscuit was placed in water, milk,  lemonade, vinegar and oil and observed what happened, they were very surprised that he stayed the same when he went for a swim in oil.
The children acted out baking cakes, biscuits and snacks in our role play bakery and were keen to bake their own for real!  We looked in cookery books and choose some biscuits to make together.  The children followed the instructions carefully and thought they were very yummy!
15.12.23 - Christmas
The children in Codden class have had such a fun time preparing for and celebrating Christmas.  They had a very busy afternoon completing the Snowman Challenge with their families and friends. During the afternoon they created play dough snowmen, made a snowman decoration, played pin the nose on the snowman, drew snowmen in shaving foam and played with small word and snow.
We are so proud of the children for performing so well in the Nativity 'It's a Baby' in the Church.  The children learnt the words and actions to so many songs, looked fantastic in their costumes and sat beautifully in church.
23.11.23 - Nursery Rhyme Week
To celebrate National Nursery Rhyme week the children made props for home learning to retell their favourite rhymes.  We had great fun guessing the nursery rhymes and joining in with the singing.  On Wednesday we had a wonderful afternoon when Claire from Jiggly Wrigglers came to visit us.  The children behaved beautifully and loved joining in with the actions, songs and rhymes.
Diwali 15.11.23
Codden class had great fun making their own fireworks.  They used the muscles in their hands to wrap conkers in tissue paper and attached them using elastic bands.  They were amazed to see how far they could travel and what happened when the wind blew!
The children watched a video showing how to do an Indian Dance, they followed the moves carefully, moving their hands, legs, heads and bodies in time with the music.
03.11.23 - Firework Fun!
Codden Class have enjoyed a fun week learning about fireworks and bonfire night.  We used ribbons, streamers and scarfs in our firework dance, we moved our arms up, down, side to side, round and round, we moved slowly and quickly in time to the music and had fun jumping up and exploding like a firework! We created our own firework pictures using pastels and glitter.
Codden Class enjoyed a fantastic visit from Kim from Torrington Dental Practice.  We learnt how to look after our teeth, what food are good and bad for our teeth and how to brush our teeth carefully.  The children had great fun playing in our role play Dentist checking each others teeth and reminding each other how to keep them nice and healthy!
29.09.23 - Harvest
Codden class enjoyed a fun week learning all about Harvest.  We visited the school orchard and harvested our own apples.  We tasted them and talked about which apples we preferred and why.  The followed instructions to make apple cakes using the apples that we had harvested, they tasted really yummy!
We had great fun creating 'rolly' apple pictures, we worked together and moved the apples, round and round, up and down, side to side and noticed the different patterns and colours that were created.  

Codden Class 22.09.23

We have enjoyed another exciting week in Codden class. 

  • We have identified, extended and created our own patterns using shapes, peg boards, objects and painting.
  • We have practised sounding out cvc words using our robot voices - oral blending and Segmenting
  • We have been to our first singing assembly, everyone joined in beautifully and loved learning the songs that we will be singing at our Harvest Festival. 
  • Enjoyed our first PE session in the school hall.  We learnt the stop/ready signal and explored moving our bodies in different ways.

Codden 15/09/23

We have enjoyed another exciting week as we have continued getting to know each other and have become more familiar with the classroom and outdoor setting. The children are responding really well to some of the new changes to their routine and are becoming so much more independent.  Our story for the week as been ‘The Colour Monster’ you may wish to watch it by following the link below.


  • We have had practised our cutting skills and made our own colour monsters.
  • We have talked about our families and who we live with.
  • In letters and Sounds we have been listening carefully to words that begin with the same letter ‘Alliteration’.
  • We have been singing number and counting songs, using fingers, actions and objects to represent numbers.
  • We have worked together to create a collaborative piece of art work, we are so proud of it, the children mixed colours and learnt to ‘dip and dab’ PVA glue to embellish it.
  • We have played board games and learnt to take turns.
  • We have learnt about the school rules ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe’ and what they mean.


Welcome to Codden Class from Mrs Paul, Ms Burnell and Cheryl. What a great start to our school year! We have enjoyed an exciting week getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the classroom and outdoor setting. We would like to thank each of you for helping the children to come into school, they have settled so quickly and have really enjoyed their time here, despite the extreme heat!

  • Our book this week has been ‘The Colour Monsters’.  We have talked about our feelings, what we think, feel and behave when we experience different emotions and what we can do to make ourselves feel better.
  • We have had fun exploring the classroom and garden.
  • We have painted pictures of ourselves and have talked about our feelings.
  • We explored what happens when we mix two primary colours together
  • In Letters and Sounds we have focussed on Rhythm and Rhyme.
  • We have learnt about how and why it is important to listen and have played listening games.