Ofsted and Parent View

We were last inspected by Ofsted on the 1st and 2nd March 2022

Ofsted report March 2022

Below you will find the most recent Ofsted report for our school. You will see from the report that our school has been graded as still good but with a recommendation that the next inspection be a section 5. This means that 'there is sufficient evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school may be judged outstanding if it received a section 5 inspection now'

The inspector agreed a next step with me that the school will work upon in the meantime. We interpret this as: ‘Whenever we write, we write at our best’

Most evident during the Ofsted visit and in the report is the enormous sense of team work, hard work and support from all aspects of our school community, this is something that I am very grateful for.

Our school is not just about strong data, learning is a journey that encompasses many elements; we strongly believe that primary school is a time that a child should treasure, where learning is imaginative, creative, active and fun. It is a place where fond memories are created and friendships are made. It is also a place where a child will be, not only inspired, but challenged to do the very best that they can in order to be able to continue on a successful learning journey of independence, resilience and enquiry.

Melanie Smallwood

Ofsted Report 2019:

Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are exemplary and reflect
the high quality of the relationships they share with each other and with staff.

From the moment children enter the school they experience a rich curriculum that engages them and motivates them to work hard.

Skilled teachers and assistants plan and work closely together to help pupils gain the confidence and understanding to achieve at greater depth, academically and personally.

Leaders, including governors, have created a strong culture of safeguarding. They ensure that all arrangements are fit for purpose and keep pupils safe.

Older pupils act as playground friends and warmly and diligently support younger pupils at breaktimes. In response, younger pupils appreciate the help they receive and say, ‘We feel safe at this school because everyone is so friendly.’

Pupils across the range of ability rose enthusiastically to the challenge of explaining their ideas in response to adults’ probing questioning.

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