Helpful Websites

Staff and parents are continually finding some good websites and resources for our children to use during this time. Please access any resources that you feel are helpful for your children.
A list of helpful websites has been collated and can be found here, we are updating this regularly so please keep checking. 
The internet is going to be an important tool while we need to self-isolate and will play a powerful part keeping families connected throughout this time. As always we encourage our families to take the time to be sure you know the websites your child/ren are accessing, the age appropriate games they’re playing and limit the time they are using the internet. Give children a time they will need to switch off during the day or evening. A tip given to some of our staff on recent training is to set an alarm for every 20/30 minutes so the children know that when the alarm goes off they need to go and take part in 10 minutes activity (star jumps, skipping, jogging on the spot etc) in the garden and have a drink.