Smiles and Giggles

It's been lovely receiving your emails and seeing your 'smiles and giggles' the photos are starting to appear in the class blogs section of our website. 
We all need smiles and giggles!  
We would love to see your smiley faces and fun things you are up to so we have set up some class email addresses to use while school is closed. Our idea is to add a collection to our school website so we all get to see each other even though we're not together. We hope we may get to see some exciting activities that the teachers and other staff are up to! 
This isn't about school work it's about making everyone feel happy and sharing the happiness around. Skipping, gardening, cooking, trampolining, washing you hands, playing with your pet, painting, hoovering, lego building, jigsaw making,dressing up...the list is endless. You may give others ideas of some fun activities they could do at their house too by sharing. 
Guidelines (the grown up bit)
  • Please remember to ask whoever is in the photo whether they are happy for it to taken and also be shared with others on the website.  
  • No names or addresses can appear in the photo.
  • Make sure whatever you're doing is safe! 
  • Does it make you smile or giggle? If yes, then it's perfect!
The email addresses are as follows:
We may not reply to your email but be assured we will be looking out for them and smiling!