Welcome back to the summer term, we hope you all had a restful break.

Just a couple pieces of information for you all. Our next meeting is being held next week on Tuesday 3rd May, 7.30pm via Teams. We are hoping to put some plans in place for face to face meetings but for this week it will be online. Please let us know if you are thinking of joining us, we are always grateful for more volunteers, ideas and help!

We also have an end date of 31st May for the Asda Green Token Scheme, we are doing so well in holding our 1st place so far but we would like this to continue to the end so please click here to vote. 

Please keep voting for us weekly if you can, on multiple devices you may have around your home. A reminder that first place receive £500, second place receive £400 and third place receive £300. I’m sure you would all agree that this will be an amazing benefit for your children and the school. Please keep voting!


Thank you, your PTFA