School Admissions/Places


There are two kinds of admissions to school: normal round admissions and in-year admissions.

Normal Round Admissions

For normal round admissions, parents should apply during the academic year before the child is due to start. For Reception and Year 3 junior school transfer, applications are made between 15th November and 15th January before places are available in the September. For Year 7 secondary transfer, applications are made between 1 September and 31 October for admission in the following September.

You can apply after the closing dates but your application will only be dealt with after all of the applications which were on time. This could mean the school you wanted is already full so it is important to apply on time if you can.

In-Year Admissions

In-Year admissions take place at any other time either later in the Reception Year or in Year 2 or year 4 for example. This may be the case if a family has moved to a new area at a later date or the parents simply have a preference for a transfer to another school.

These applications can be made at any time and admission will be arranged as soon as possible. You should be aware though that a transfer between two local schools (if your child has not moved to a new area for instance) will normally only take place at the beginning of a term or half-term.

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Our child is moving on to secondary school with a far more positive approach to education than we ever imagined was possible and we can but hope that he finds mentors like yourselves to inspire and guide him to achieve to the very best of his ability.”

Devon’s annual consultation on School Admission Arrangements 2024/2025 is now running and will close on Friday 6 January 2023.
Responses must be submitted either by email to schoolsadmissionpolicy-mailbox@devon.gov.uk or in writing to School Admissions and Transport Consultation, Devon County Council, Room L60, County Hall, Exeter EX2 4QG by Friday 6 January 2023. All responses will be shared with schools and considered. A report will be presented to Devon County Council’s Cabinet meeting on Friday 10 February 2023 for determination including the individual admission policies for community and voluntary controlled schools.
The key dates for the consultation are -
Devon LA consultation ends 6 January 2023
Admission arrangements to be determined by 28 February 2023
Admission arrangements to be published 15 March 2023
Deadline for formal objections to the School Adjudicator 15 May 2023
The consultation includes the co-ordinated admissions schemes for the LA, the education transport policy and relevant areas for admissions purposes.
It also includes the individual school policies for all state-funded, mainstream schools within Devon and the academies in neighbouring LA areas listed below.
There are proposed changes to the boundaries of many schools across the county of Devon for 2024-25. Maps can be viewed at https://www.devon.gov.uk/educationandfamilies/school-information/apply-for-a-school-place/school-designated-areas/
A list of all schools with proposed Published Admission Numbers and the changes to policy that are proposed is at  2024 List of schools for consultation.xlsx
A list of the residential properties that may either a) move from one catchment area to another or b) have a catchment area confirmed where the boundary currently runs through the property was previously shared in September. It is at this link  2024 Proposed map amendments.xlsx