Payments and Arrears


We pride ourselves that we charge one price for all children no matter what their age.  So parents with younger children aren’t penalized.

* If using government vouchers any additional hours thereafter are charged at £4.00 per hour.

We provide cooked meals or lunch box for just £2.20 per meal, please click here for the menu. Order on the day required. Otherwise send in a healthy packed lunch. (no sugary foods or fizzy sugary drinks)


If debts are incurred then the school budget has to pay for them. This means that funds which should be spent on the children’s education are used to pay debts incurred by parents, most people in the school or Pre-School community would find this unacceptable.


  • Fees / money owing should be paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice.
  • Preferred method of payment is by 'school money' or cheque made to Devon County Council. 

    All payments are recorded.

  • We appreciate that circumstances change. Parents are encouraged to contact the office staff as soon as possible to enable all parties to come to an agreement regarding payment. Confidentiality will be assured.
  • Where payment is not made as requested above, a reminder will be sent to the

Parent/carer by the administrator. If payment is still not forthcoming a weekly reminder will be sent by e-mail or a letter sent home via the child. If after 4 weekly reminders the balance of the debt has not been reduced, a formal letter from the Head Teacher will be sent to the parent requesting that:

-no additional pre-school hours will be available

…until the debt is cleared or a payment plan is agreed.

  • If the debt reaches a figure of £100 or more a formal letter from the Head Teacher will be sent irrespective of weekly reminders
  • If all attempts to recover the debt are unsuccessful the parents will be advised that the school will need to refer the matter to the  Devon County Council Client Support who will follow up with the appropriate action to recover the arrears


  •        If a child is absent due to sickness or holiday any non funded hours will be charged at 50% of the hourly rate.
  •        In the case of long term sickness - 7 days + their place will be kept open.


*Please note that good communication is the key factor in managing payments and we ask that Parents and carers communicate openly with the school in order for arrears to be managed.