Reading and Phonics

Phonics is taught from Foundation Stage to Year 2 using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Programme.  This is supported by relevant resources from the Devon Literacy Team  (Babcock) website.

The books we use to teach reading, (including the books the children take home), are colour banded according to their level of difficulty.  We use the Institute of Education University of London ‘Book Bands for Reading’.  Pink being where the majority of children start when they first come into school, moving through 9 other colours, before reaching Lime band. Moving on from this, the children become ‘free – readers’ under the guidance of the teachers.

A variety of reading schemes, which have all been colour coded in line with the book bands guide lines, are used to make up the majority of our early reading and transitional books. The early reading books are initially phonically de-codable.  The selection of books include both fiction and non-fiction high quality texts. We use these texts for our Guided Reading sessions, and therefore have multiple copies so each child in a group has access to their own book.

As children move from transitional readers into fluent (this may be in key stage 1 or 2), we have many more ‘real’ books including lots of picture books which are also colour coded; we do have some of these books in lower colour bands too.

All children have access to our school library where they can choose any type of book to read for pleasure.  These books are allowed home to encourage children to read as much as possible. All classrooms have a reading area which children are encouraged to use regularly, they are also encouraged to share their thoughts about reading through reading journals, book reviews and other interactive activities. This all promotes a love of reading and develops reading widely for pleasure.