This afternoon we hosted a healthy cafe in Codden Class! The children made rainbow skewers and took the orders for which smoothie people would like. This was a great chance for their families to share and celebrate the hard work they have been doing this half term. Thank you to everyone who came!
We have been marking Children’s Mental Health week by “Finding our own Brave”. Codden class made their own jars of courage. The children thought about when they have needed courage and wrote their ideas down to put them inside the jars. 
I need courage to... 
“ride my bike”
”get swimming”
”go to sleep in the dark”
”have an injection”
Some children used their courage to stand up in assembly to share and celebrate their learning!
Today we had a visit from Cath and Rumer from Artisarni Cafe. They helped the children to choose a variety of healthy food to make a rainbow salad. Most children took a risk and tried something new! They also made healthy fruit smoothies.
The children have loved exploring change and doing experiments over the last few weeks. Following on from our frosty walk last week, we tested out how long it would take for the ice to melt. “If we put it over the heater, it will melt quick!” 
The children have loved learning about Chinese New Year this week! Ask them what they've learnt...