Tarka Spring Term 2023


On Tuesday afternoon, we were very lucky to have a taster session with some instructors from Tarka Tennis. The children had lots of fun playing games and attempting challenges with a tennis racket. There is information about another free taster session at the Tarka Tennis Centre at the end of the homework.

Tarka class have loved being authors this week! They had a go at writing instructions on How to Wash a Hairy Chimpanzee. They read their writing back and thought about what they could improve.

We listened to a classical piece of music, ‘Mars’ for ‘The Planets’ by Gustav Holst. The children drew how the music made them feel and considered how the dynamics (volume) and tempo (speed) changes throughout the music. They also thought about the instruments they could see and hear in the video and enjoyed drawing and labelling them.

The children worked hard on special cards and writing for Mother’s Day.


Tarka class have enjoyed changing our English text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth into How to Wash a Hairy Chimpanzee this week! They have generated some funny ideas for the new set of instructions, ready to write the new version next week.

The children thought about friendship in PSHE, focussing on what makes a good friend and what we should do if we fall out with a friend. They even had a go at designing ‘the perfect friend’.

In Design and Technology, we have been designing a moving toy. The children were very creative and thought about the materials and tools they would need to make their designs.

We have been learning to count in twos and tens, starting from zero. We have used our knowledge of counting in twos and tens to solve problems involving 2p and 10p coins.


In Maths, we have been learning the value of coins and ordered them from least to most value.

We learnt about imperative (or ‘bossy’) verbs in English. Instructions use imperative verbs at the start of an instruction. The children had a go at writing extra instructions for our text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth, using their own ‘bossy’ verbs.

Tarka class enjoyed writing about St David’s Day and did some observational drawings of daffodils using oil pastels.

We have enjoyed lots of Tom Percival books this week. He is our focus author for this half term! The children loved sharing their potato characters and book character costumes with the class! They have done book reviews, a quiz with Barum class and taken part in the book swap. Thank you for all the time and effort that went into the World Book Day home learning!


The children had a go at writing instructions on how to make pancakes this week. We have started a new English text, focussing on instructions, called How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley.

We have discussed computer safety and thought about how to keep our information private online.

The children enjoyed choosing a piece of work they are proud of to go on their report. They also talked about what they enjoy most and what they think they have improved in their learning.

We learnt about Tim Berners Lee and thought about why he was so influential in the development of toys and games between the 1960s and now. The children wrote a fact file about him.

Our new focus author is Tom Percival. The children have enjoyed listening to his stories this week!


We have done lots of activities for Children’s Mental Health week. The children enjoyed listening to The Invisible String and thinking about the people they love. They drew a picture of themselves and the people they are connected to by the invisible string. 

Tarka class thought about what makes each of them special and shared some of their kind thoughts in our circle time.

We have practised quick recall of our number bonds to 10 and used what we know about this to help with number bonds to 20.

In English, we wrote a character description of Mrs Armitage!


The children loved being authors this week! We changed the story of Mrs Armitage and used the story map to write the new story.

We have started learning about materials in Science. We discussed different types of materials: wood, glass, fabric, metal, paper, cardboard and plastic. We looked at lots of objects and classified them into the correct group. Some objects were made of more than one type of material. E.g. scissors are made of metal and plastic. Tarka class enjoyed going on a materials hunt around school!

In history, we learnt about key events in the 1960s and discussed how these influenced the toys and games at the time.


We have enjoyed hearing all about what you found out from grandparents and people who were alive in the 60s. We also had a go at classifying different toys and games into 1960s and the present day. We compared the toys and games and discussed some overlap between toys from the 60s to now.

 In English, we recapped the meaning of a noun and an adjective and identified some from our Mrs Armitage story. The children had fun making up their own expanded noun phrases to describe the objects in the story.

Tarka class enjoyed playing snakes and ladders in maths! We noticed that the numbers are in the opposite order to a hundred square. Playing this game was helpful for number recognition up to 100! The children also used the dienes to find one less/one more and ten less/ten more than a given number up to 100.


Tarka class have enjoyed our new, funny English text Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake. We have discussed likes, dislikes, puzzles and patterns from the story and written about Mrs Armitage as a humorous character.

We have continued to partition two-digit numbers into tens and ones using the dienes/Base 10 equipment. We have looked closely at a hundred square, learnt about columns and rows and had a go at completing 100 square puzzles!

 Our History enquiry question is How do our favourite toys and games compare with those of the 1960s? The children loved learning about toys and games from this era and started to discuss similarities and differences to our favourite toys and games. We learnt a bit about birthdays and music in the 1960s. Tarka class enjoyed listening to Penny Lane by The Beatles and started to learn to sing Yellow Submarine in singing assembly with Mrs Hughes.