Tarka Autumn Term 2022


Thank you for the beautiful decorations for our Christmas tree.

We have has a busy week, filled with church visits and Nativity rehearsals. The children loved seeing their angels decorating the church. They discussed the signs of Christmas they could see with Ms Burnell.

We are so proud of the children’s hard work and effort in our Nativity Performance! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Tarka class enjoyed using Paint on the laptops to create a winter picture.

The children were artists on Friday! They created their Great Fire of London pictures by mixing different shades of warm colours to paint the background and used black paper to design their surrealist houses in the style of Paul Nash.


The children enjoyed an assembly from Reverend Selena about The Christmas Story and the meaning of Advent.

We learnt that Christians display an Advent wreath that contains five candles. The candle in the middle of the wreath represents Jesus. The four candles around the outside are symbols of love, hope, peace and joy.

Each child decorated an envelope to contribute to our class advent calendar.

In English, we learnt about nouns and adjectives. The children were great at picking out nouns and adjectives from The Man on the Moon video. They wrote a list of adjectives to describe the moon and then used words from the video to form expanded noun phrases. We then started to write the introduction to the story.

To consolidate our learning on The Great Fire of London, Cheryl ‘interviewed’ the children and they had a go at being a news reporter!


Thank you for the angels that have been sent into school so far. The children have enjoyed sharing them with the class and explaining how they made them and the materials they used. There is still another week to make one if you haven’t yet!

The children love our new English ‘text’, The Man on the Moon. We have watched the video several times, thinking carefully about how the characters feel. The children enjoyed writing their own letters to the man on the moon. Watch it together at home and see what your child can tell you about the story.

We have started to learn about subtraction in maths and used first, then and now stories to help understand subtraction as ‘take away’. E.g. First there were 6 frogs on a lily pad, then 3 frogs jumped off, now there are 3 frogs left on the lily pad.

Tarka class have enjoyed joining Codden class for our Nativity rehearsals and we are very proud of how the children have taken on their roles and learnt the songs. Thank you for your support with this at home.


Thank you for the beautiful poppies you made at home. We are putting them together to make a special wreath.

We looked at the British artist Paul Nash and appraised his work. The children enjoyed spotting different shapes and colours in his surrealist paintings. We learnt about warm and cool colours and experimented in our sketchbooks using paints.

Tarka class have been excellent historians and remembered all the key facts about The Great Fire of London. The enjoyed sorting pictures of firefighting equipment from 1666 compared to the present day.

In maths, we have worked on learning number bonds to 10 and used a variety of mathematical images to consolidate this.


The children have enjoyed been authors this week! Using our English text as inspiration, Tarka class started to write their own books about their feelings.

In art, we learned about primary and secondary colours, mixed primary to make secondary colours and painted them onto a colour wheel.

We continued our learning about The Great Fire of London and sequenced the most important parts of the event.

The children started practising singing our nativity songs with Codden class. They are excited about the roles they are playing in the performance!


The children enjoyed sharing their news from half term J

We started a new text in English called How Do You Feel? By Patrick George. We predicted how the children in the book felt by using the pictures to help us. We made a web of thirty-six different words to describe our feelings!

In Maths, we have developed our understanding of addition. We used a part-whole model and Numicon to help us understand two or more numbers can be added together to make a bigger number.

In science, the children labelled the parts of a tree and learned about deciduous and evergreen trees.

Tarka class loved becoming Historians this week! They made special Historian badges to wear during our History lessons. We learnt what History is and started our learning about The Great Fire of London. The children used their historian skills to ask questions about the event. See if you can tell your parents some facts that we have found out so far.

We have learnt the names of 3D shapes and enjoyed doing maths investigations.
We found out which shapes stack and which shapes roll and had a go at making 3D shapes using matchsticks and blue tac.
The children loved making, tasting and evaluating their Fifteens in DT.
We finished our learning about the UK and teamed up with Barum class to take part in a Geography Quiz to see how much we could remember!

Thank you for the contributions to our autumn sensory tray J The children have enjoyed discussing what they found, drawn pictures and written lists to describe what they could see.

In maths, we have started to learn about 2D shapes. Tarka class loved going on a shape hunt around school and did an investigation to see which 2D shapes they could make using lolly sticks.

We have learnt the difference between a village, town and a city and learnt the names of the capital cities of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

We tasted Fifteens, a Northern Irish fridge cake and evaluated what we liked/disliked about the recipe. We discussed the ingredients we would like to change. The children are excited to make their own Fifteens next week!


In Geography, we learnt the names of the four countries in the United Kingdom and identified them on a map. The children coloured in and labelled the flags for the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mrs Wise started to teach our class some Scottish dancing in PE this week! Ask your child to show you what they can remember from this session…

As part of our Science learning, the children enjoyed an Autumn hunt around school. We discussed the signs of Autumn and how the seasons change throughout the year.


We were so proud of the children’s brilliant behaviour and confidence in sharing their work in our Harvest Festival. Thank you so much to the parents and family members who helped us walk to the church.

This week, we have started our learning about Plants in Science. We have learnt that grass, weeds, wild flowers and trees are all part of the plants group. The children had a go at identifying the parts of a plant.

In maths, we have been using the language of weight (heavy, light, heavier, lighter, balanced, equal to) to describe and compare the mass of different objects.

The children enjoyed learning and remembering a letter to Mother Goose through our story map and actions.


Tarka class have enjoyed our new English text Dear Mother Goose by Michael Rosen and Nick Sharratt. Nursery rhyme characters write to Mother Goose for advice/help with their problems and Mother Goose writes some very funny replies! The children have written their own letters to Mother Goose and sang lots of Nursery Rhymes this week.

We have done lots of learning about Harvest this week; we have thought about the meaning of Harvest and written what we are thankful for. We went up to the school orchard and harvested our own apples! We tasted different fruits and the children had a challenge to ‘eat the rainbow’ by choosing a piece of fruit from each colour in the rainbow. We also used fruit and vegetables to print a rainbow. We will be sharing some of the children’s learning about Harvest in the church service on Tuesday afternoon.

Family groups - paired reading


The children were excited to receive a letter from Humpty Dumpty this week! He was asking their advice on a problem he had. Tarka class had some good ideas and enjoyed writing back to him.

We listened to a new piece of music and discussed the instruments we could hear. We tried to find the pulse of the music – marching, clapping, swaying and jumping in time to the beat.

In PSHE, we learnt about Road Safety and helped some children in the video make the right decision. We learned about the different types of road crossings and how we can keep ourselves safe.

We started to talk about our topic Discovering Britain. The children thought about places in the UK that they have visited and we looked at the flags and flowers that represent England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Miss Burnell read the story of The Lost Sheep in RE. The children acted out and retold the story using puppets.

Tarka Class - Home learning week ending 9th September   

We have had a lovely week getting to know each other and learning the new routines for Year 1. We worked together to create our class rules and the children have found resources around the classroom.  

Our focus author this half term is Catherine Rayner; the children have enjoyed hearing many of her stories and looking at her beautiful illustrations.

In maths, we have been measuring height, using the language of tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest, shortest.

In English, we have read the story After the Fall by Dan Santat. This is the story of how Humpty Dumpty got back up again after falling off the wall! We have used the text to discuss our learning powers. Humpty Dumpty had to be very resilient and use perseverance to overcome his fear of heights. We will refer to this to help us overcome problems in our own learning.