Tarka 20/21

Week ending 30th April
This week we have recapped what a noun is and had a go at creating our own noun phrases. We looked at the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein and started to learn about pop art. The children enjoyed trying out the dotty technique that he used in his paintings. 
Week ending 23rd April
We have had lots of fun learning about The Wright Brothers and the first aeroplane flight. The children drew Orville and Wilbur Wright and wrote some facts about them. They loved having a go at making their own planes from cardboard boxes. We thought about whether or not we would have liked to have flown in the first aeroplane. 
Week ending 26th March 
This week we have been using our learning power skills to make our own marble runs! We had to be very resilient, independent, creative and curious!
We also explored using the dienes in maths to make two digit numbers using the tens and ones.
In English, we wrote questions to ask Mother Goose and practiced using a question mark.
Colourful clothes for Comic Relief!
Science Week 8th-12th March 
The children have been so excited to be back in school altogether this week. We have built on our knowledge of animals and their habitats, by making small world habitats, learning facts and writing Guess Who clues. 
Tarka class have enjoyed lots of colourful science experiments and practiced their predicting and observation skills. I have attached the pictures of some of the experiments below, as some of the children would like to do them again at home! Have fun!