Saunton Summer Term 2023


We have had a lovely final week at school, in English we have written some great pieces of explanation writing using the skills learned in our sequence. In Maths, we have really enjoyed investigating fractions and learning how to add them together. The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip and learned a lot about the Lynmouth flood. We also had a great time finding out what dirt is made from using different sieves, we all got a bit muddy but we found out lots.

We have you have a restful half term, enjoy the weather and we will see you in a couple of weeks.


We have really enjoyed writing our innovated pieces of writing all about how our imaginary hoover works; the children have been enthusiastic about this piece of writing and have worked hard on completing it!

In science, we conducted an experiment on different rocks, to investigate and find out whether they were sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous rocks.

In maths, we have enjoyed learning all about fractions and the children have taken it in their stride, showing a lot of confidence and resilience.


This week, we have enjoyed coming up with an idea for our innovated piece of writing in English, we have been using our imagination to create our own idea of how a hoover works!

In RE we looked at some artwork based on Jesus’ baptism and we discussed how the Holy Trinity was represented in them, the children then enjoyed creating their own piece of baptism artwork.

We enjoyed conducting an experiment with chocolate to find out more about the different types of rocks.


We really enjoyed celebrating the King’s Coronation with a tea party and learning about his life.

We also created a class book to put in our School time capsule all about the toys we liked to play with and the things we liked to do in 2023.

We have been doing lots of work on data in maths, we have been looking at different bar charts; answering and asking questions about them.

In English, we have been learning about subordinate clauses and we have become really skilled at using them in different places in a sentence.

In Computing, we had a great time using the iPads to create a stop-motion animation.


We have started our next writing sequence, based on the book Until I Met Dudley, we have started to look at the different features of the text and how subordinate clauses are used.

In maths, we have been reminding ourselves how to use column addition and some of us have done some investigation activities to develop our understanding of addition.

In science, we have started our topic on the water cycle, we have learned some of the scientific vocabulary; evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

We also enjoyed our assembly all about parkrun!