Saunton Spring Term 2023


We have a great week writing our INNOVATE all about Cinderella in the Snow, the children have written some amazing stories using the skills we have learned over the sequence.

In maths, we have started to use a formal written method to add decimal numbers together, which the children have really enjoyed.

In science, we made predictions about whether different circuits would work, the children then tested them to see if their prediction was correct.


We have a lovely week doing a range of different things. The girls has a great time at the tarka tennis football festival, while the boys had a wonderful time creating a giant 3D map of Egypt.

In English, we have been recapping our understanding of speech punctuation and have started to think about the characters for Innovate.

In Maths, we have worked incredibly hard on decimals and we have all really got the hang of partitioning them in ways which work for us.

In science, we have been finding out about different components that could be used in a circuit and we all made a circuit using a switch.


We have a great week this week, learning more about our story in English and about decimals in Maths.

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day, your costumes were amazing and the children really enjoyed to book swap with hot chocolate and cookies!

In PE, we have had a really good time using all the skills we’ve learned over the sequence to play some matches.

In science, we’ve found out about the different components of a circuit and how circuits actually work.


We have had a fantastic first week back, the children have returned with lots of enthusiasm and have been really hard-working. We have started our new writing sequence and have been getting to know our new book; Cinderella of the Nile.

In maths, we have started our work on comparing and ordering numbers and have shown a good understanding of this!

In science, we have been looking at electricity and the dangers there could be in our homes, as well as thinking about how different appliances are powered through battery or mains.

We did some lovely artwork where we drew the other half of Tutankhamun mask.


We have really enjoyed writing our letters to go to Uganda, we can’t wait to receive some letters back from the children.

In maths, we have been using our understanding of times tables to create our own board games, we have had a great time playing them and practising our times tables.

In PE, we had a great time playing our very own basketball match, using all the skills we have learned in our previous lessons. We hope you have a lovely, restful half term and we’ll see you when you come back to school!


We have had a great week writing our final pieces of writing all about Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, we have found out so much about them and written some amazing texts sharing our newfound knowledge.

In maths, we’ve been working really hard on using our understanding of multiplication and division to support our work on scaling. We created some brilliant leaflets all about the River Nile, with some great information and beautiful illustrations.

In science, we have investigated how magnets work and why they are attracted to some materials but not all.



This week, we have enjoyed learning about Cleopatra and Tutankhamun ready for our English final piece of writing. We learned all about how important the River Nile is in Egypt for all the people living there.

In Science, we conducted an experiment based on friction, we used different materials to make a ramp and timed how long it took a car to go down.

We have worked really hard in maths this week, investigating how multiplication and division are linked.


We have had a great time investigating using different tools to pick up paper clips, we found that magnets work the best and we didn’t even need to touch the paper clips for the magnets to stick. In Maths, we have been working on correspondence problems and the children have all worked really hard on this new understanding. We have started writing our Innovated piece of writing in English all about Queen Elizabeth II, we’ve found out some really interesting facts about her that we didn’t know!


We have had a good week, learning more about multiplication and division, we have been using lots of different resources to support our learning.

In Science we thought about how different toys moved in different scenarios, we were thinking about pushing, pulling, moving, stopping and changing shape.

In English, we have been learning about adverbials and conjunctions while writing sentences about Mary Anning, Gertrude Ederle, Sacagawea and Coco Chanel.

In topic, we thought about where the Egyptians came on our historical timeline and investigated how they wrote using hieroglyphics.