Saunton Autumn Term 2022

This week we been planning and writing our independent stories based upon The Snowman.
In maths, we have started a new unit on shape which has involved exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have linked our understanding on nets to the construction of our savory scone box.
We have been busy rehearsing for our Christingle and enjoyed being the audience for the Reception and Year 1 Nativity.

We have really enjoyed starting our new writing sequence based on the book; The Snowman, we’ve enjoyed listening to the story and watching the film to help us get to know the story really will, ready to start writing our own version next week!

In maths, we have been learning about pictograms and bar chart, we enjoyed doing some voting in class and making some class bar charts based on our favourite food!

We are really looking forward to making our scones next week after learning this week how to make them.


We have all done a fantastic job completing our final pieces of writing all about life in the trenches, using all of the skills we have learned during our sequence. In D&T we have used a design criteria to design some of our very own savoury scones and we are very excited to make them! In topic, we have had a great time learning about WW2 and looking at all the resources from Tiverton Museum.


This week we have been writing about evacuating to an air raid shelter using the skills of fronted adverbials and complex sentences. 

In maths we have started to learn a formal written method for addition. 

We continue to learn about life during the war.

For our design technology unit we are going to be making scones, so this week we tried two different flavours of scones and evaluated them, we also created some different savoury flavour scones.


This week we have continued to learn fruit in French and made a French kitchen and rationing station in the classroom.  In our English, we have explore using fronted adverbials in our writing to add extra detail.  In maths, we have been exploring the use of money and adding different coins to make a given total.


We really enjoyed learning all the fruits from the book; Handa’s surprise, we would love to tell you some of them at home! In topic we learned all about trenches and what it was like to live, sleep and fight in the trenches. We have started our new sequence in English, looking at the book; How to live like a Stone Age hunter, we have enjoyed looking at noun phrases.

We have had a great week doing French, art, science and computing!
In art we have started our work on portraits, we had a photograph of half of our faces and we sketched the other half. We looked at some of David Hockney’s portraits and thoughts about what we liked and disliked about them.
In science, we have started our next unit on sound, we learned how sound is made and how it travels. We have written some amazing stories about our own made up monster and their favourite things based on the story Grendel, the chocolate monster.

This week we have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes in science. 

In maths we have been rounding number to the nearest 10 and in English we have written an innovated version of our class story- Grendel the cautionary tale about chocolate. 

In P.S.H.E we explored scenarios that demonstrated the difference between stealing and borrowing.


We have had a wonderful time at Park completing the Cross Country and we are very proud to say every single child took part, we even had a few children place in the top 10!

In science, we investigated states of matter by making an anomaly substance. We have been enjoying our computing; editing photos, we have learned lots of new vocabulary based on photo editing including; crop, filter, contrast and brightness.

This week we have tried hard with our learning to learn skills.
In tennis, Saunton have learned to serve and return a serve.
We have continued our English sequence and explored speech punctuation.
In maths we have consolidated our understanding of place value.

We have had another great week!

We’ve started our new story in English; Grendel: A cautionary tale about chocolate, and we are really enjoying the work we’ve done so far.

In maths, we have been partitioning, comparing and ordering numbers.

We have started our new topic in Science; states of matter, this week we used our imagination to make models of gas, liquid and solids and shared them with the class.


We have had a great first week back!  The children have settled well, and enjoyed being back together.  We have been thinking and learning about how we learn; we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary to help us describe this.  We have been learning French numbers and started thinking about our topic. 


Y3- Tennis on Wednesday so wear your P.E kit.

Our class PE day is Friday, so please come to school dressed in your PE kit.

Next Friday (16th September), we are holding a Roald Dahl day in school.  Please pay £1 via eduspot shop to come dressed in your favourite pyjamas or Onesie ready for a Roald Dahl bedtime story!  We will use the money to buy some new dictionaries.