Saunton 20/21

We had an amazing Stone Age learning day with our visitors.
The children took park in many practical tasks, across 3 different workshops to help them understand how life changed during the 3 main parts of the stone age.
The day ended with the construction of 'Schoolhenge' in the playground.  The children moved blocks on rollers to learn how Stonehenge was created.
Hockey skills are developing!  We have played a game called The Tunnel of Doom.  In the game we have been learning to change the space we play in to make it harder or easier.
We looked closely at some Stone Age cave paintings then tried to create our own.  It was really tricky!
We have been using our resilience to try to make a sound out of a flute. It's really tricky, but lots of us managed it!
In English during our planning, we acted out where our endangered creatures were hiding. 
Science Week

We have conducted lots of experiments in this school this week helping us to understand how vibrations make sound and what makes precipitation fall from the sky. 

We have been thinking about what is personal information and what we should or shouldn't share online. We made up our own characters and gave them personal information. 
The year 3's have been learning about who they might communicate with online and what to do if they receive a message from someone they don't know. 
Medal Winners!  These children won medals by completing the activities in the Devon Games Challenge.  They had to walk loads of miles, complete a bike ride, create a dance....and lots of other very physical activities. Well done to all of you!