Pre-school 20/21

We have been reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ at pre-school. We talked about the different days of the week and counted how many pieces of fruit the caterpillar ate. The children had to then try and match the pieces of fruit to the correct day of the week. They used sponges to paint pictures of the hungry caterpillar. The children tried different fruits and made fruit kebabs which they ate for their snack.


We had a stage outside for the children to perform on and play different instruments. They also built dens in the garden using different resources and played inside them with their friends.

This week at preschool we have been focusing on the book “our friend the weather monster”, all of our activities have been based around that book. We enjoyed helping to weigh and count out all the ingredients to make a sponge cake. We have also been playing with different coloured playdough to make monsters. Outside we explored the ice and played on the bikes.