Lundy Autumn Term 2022


In maths we have been developing our understanding of multiplication methods.

In English we have written our independent fairy tales. The children have applied their learning in this unit really well.

We have been learning about the D-Day Landings and how the planning of it and the sequence of events contributed to its success.

The children have practised singing and have learnt how to sing in 2 parts.


In maths we have begun a new unit of work on multiplicative reasoning.  We have been revisiting previous multiplication methods, ready to extend this learning.

In English we have written some super fairy tales based on a whole class plan.  This will pave the way for writing our independent stories next week.

We have written our rationale for our scone designs and are now ready to make them.

We have been completing topic work and creating extra angels for the church.


In maths we have been learning about the link between decimals, fractions and percentages and converting between them.

In English we have been developing different descriptive features in our writing.  Also we have begun planning our whole class story.

We have been learning about the role of propaganda in WW2 and have created some great posters of our own.

We have developed a design brief in DT for scones, and we have started to think about what shape and colour our scones will be…


In maths we have been developing our understanding of equivalence, solving problems with fractions on a number line. 

In English we have been learning about sentence starters and writing multi-clause sentences.

Our topic work has been justifying their opinion about who started World War 2.

We have been learning about liquids, solids and gases.  Also learning how to separate different size solids from each other.

We have learnt about filming techniques in computing and tasting scones in Design and Technology.


In maths we have been learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers.  We have also been solving problems involving fractions.

In English we have started a new unit of work based on traditional tales – our text is called ‘The Princess’ Blankets’.

We have been learning about Remembrance – we have been synthesising information to create explain how important this is.

We have been editing and redrafting writing about evacuees.

In science we have been interpreting graphs and learning to draw conclusions from results.


In maths we have started a unit of work on fractions.

We have written some super texts about evacuees, using informal and formal voices.

In history we have discussed whether the Treaty of Versailles was fair or unfair and come to our own conclusions.

We have learnt how to draw eyes and have been practicing this.

We have begun our unit of work about making a film in computing. We have been focusing on different effects and learning about panning.


Wow we can hardly believe that the children have been at school for a whole half term!  We are so proud of how well they have settled into the routines of school, worked so hard with their learning and have had lots of fun with their friends!  This week we have continued to learn about Autumn.  Our story for the week has been ‘Leaf Man’. you may wish to watch it by following the link below.

This week we have…

  • Been on an Autumn walk around Bishops Tawton and looked for lots of signs of Autumn.  Thank you very much to the parents who were able to help us on this trip.
  • Revised all of the sounds that we have learnt so far and have practised reading and writing CVC words using them.
  • Reflected on our first half term, what have we enjoyed/learnt/who are our friends/what is our favourite part of the classroom?  What are we looking forward to next half term?
  • Created repeating patterns using natural autumn materials.
  • Had great fun learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We created Mendi hand patterns, made Indian Barfi sweets and enjoyed a talk from Sapphiras Mum.

In Maths we have been developing our mental skills.

In English we have been learning about informal voice in writing and parenthesis.  Y6 have been developing their understanding of passive voice. 

In science we have been asking questions about our investigations and deciding if there were any changes we would make.

We had a super trip to Tiverton Museum where the children furthered their understanding of life in wartime Britain through hands on activities. 

In Maths we have been practising addition and subtraction skills.

In English we have written and edited some super stories.  We have also begun finding out about a non-fiction text, ready for our next learning sequence.

We have learnt how to create our own table to collect investigation results.  We have carried out our investigation to see if temperature affects how quickly a solid dissolves.

We have been finding out about what life was like in the trenches in WW1, and learnt about the role of animals in the same war.  This led into a debate as to which animals were the most useful and brave.


In Maths we have been focusing on decimals. Also, we have carried out some practical measuring.   Y6 have been learning to convert kilometres to metres and vice versa.

In English we have planned and begun writing our independent stories.  I am so looking forward to reading the finished article!

We have been planning our own investigations in science to find out if temperature affects solubility.

I was so proud of all the children who went to cross country at Park – they demonstrated great perseverance and positivity, as well as great sportsmanship!


In Maths we have been converting measures into different units. 

In English we have written stories about creating a new civilisation.  The children have worked very hard, and I’m looking forward to their independent stories which they will plan and write next week.

We have carried out an investigation in science, predicting and then observing the solubility of different solids.  There were quite a few surprises!

The children sang really well at Harvest Festival and were great role models for the rest of the school.

23/9/22 Lundy Class

In Maths we have been using powers of ten to compare different measures.

In English we have been expanding noun phrases using relative and prepositional clauses. Also, we have been learning about different tenses and verb forms to make our writing more interesting.

Our science has been about solubility and insolubility. We have carried out an investigation to learn about salt and sugar solutions and how we know they are saturated.

We have been thinking about ‘Caring and Sharing’ in preparation for our Harvest Festival.


We have had a super week - working hard and getting into a routine.

In maths we have focused on number. We have been thinking about place value with decimal numbers and numbers up to 10,000,000.  We have been improving our rounding skills using our knowledge of place value.

English has been learning our new text ‘Weslandia’ – the children have really enjoyed the character in the story, who creates his own civilisation.

In science we have been re-visiting properties of materials, ready to build on with our new learning.

Topic has been comparing maps of Europe in 1914, 1920 and the present day.  We have also written our own definitions of what an empire is.

We have had a great first week back!  The children have settled well, and enjoyed being back together. 

We have been thinking and learning about how we learn; we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary to help us describe this. 

We have begun our art learning by drawing a self-portrait and we have started our French unit which is all about describing ourselves and animals. 



Our PE day is Friday, so please come to school dressed in your PE kit.  You will need to bring a waterproof coat each week, as we will do PE outside, whatever the weather!

Next Friday (16th September), we are holding a Roald Dahl day in school.  Please pay £1 via eduspot shop to come dressed in your favourite pyjamas or Onesie ready for a Roald Dahl bedtime story!  We will use the money to buy some new dictionaries.