Lundy 20/21

We've had a great week back doing Bike-ability, exploring fractions using Cuisenaire, starting our new topic; communication and making predictions about our new English sequence text.
Exploring the circumference, diameter and radius, plotting coordinates and translating shapes and using our orienteering skills.
Bouncing, dribbling, passing and shooting in basketball, creating a 3D cross section of a volcano using a net.
Creating 3D shapes from nets, sharing jokes, team building activities and orienteering.
Celebrating Science Week; investigating forces, sound and the water cycle.
Testing catapults, creating Christingles, singing songs, eating Christmas dinner, writing and filming adverts and sending letters.
Investigating insulators and conductors, sawing wood for our Roman catapults, creating, decorating and painting our Roman pots and celebrating difference.
Creating electrical circuits, designing our own Roman pots and doing some Yoga.