Taw Pre-school Spring Term 2023


This week the topic is ’Chinese New Year’.

This week the children have:

  • Learnt about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated
  • Read the story of ‘The Great Race’ and talked about the animals. We talked about how this year is the year of the rabbit
  • Made and decorated Chinese Fans. The painted them red and tried to copy Chinese letters or numbers.
  • Made Chinese lanterns. They tried really hard to cut the pieces out independently
  • Tasted lots of different Chinese foods for example, noodles, rice, prawn crackers etc.
  • Played in our Chinese restaurant role play area
  • Played with sensory rice and pasta in the tuff tray
  • Enjoyed a stay and play on Wednesday Morning

Next week we will be continuing to learn about Chinese New Year!


This week the topic is ’Hansel and Gretel’.

This week the children have:

  • Read the fairy-tale story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
  • Practised counting one more or one less using number block cubes
  • Learnt about rhyming words. The children have played lots of rhyming games using picture cards.
  • Talked about foods which are high and low in sugar. We talked about dental hygiene. They sorted foods into two groups.
  • Been enjoying playdough disco, working on their fine motor skills.
  • Painted and decorated their own house from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
  • Built the house from the story using different construction resources.