Taw Pre-School Autumn 2022

16th September 2022


This week the topic is “All about me!”. We have been continuing to get to know about each other!

This week the children have:

  • Shared pictures of their family and talked about who they live with
  • Talked about their pets
  • Painted self-portraits. They used a range of colours to paint their facial features
  • Played instruments and sung nursery rhymes. We practised playing loudly, quietly, fast and slow
  • Cut different shapes out of the playdough
  • On Friday the children showed everyone their pyjamas/onesies!

9th September 2022


Welcome back to the autumn term! It’s been lovely to see the children back in preschool and welcome new starters. We would like to thank each of you for helping the children to come into Pre-school.

This week the topic is “All about me!”. We have been getting to know all about each other!

This week the children have:

  • Explored the different areas in the Pre-school.
  • Painted ‘kind hands’ for our display board. We talked about how we can be kind to our friends.
  • Sung different nursery rhymes using finger puppets such as ‘five little monkeys’ and ‘five little ducks’.
  • Played a range of instruments
  • Listened to lots of stories about feelings and emotions
  • Helped make playdough. The children used different resources to make their own face out of the playdough.


Important information

We would like you to send in pictures of your family/pets for our family tree in the classroom. If you would prefer to email them, then please use this email families@bishopstawton-primary.org

We would like the children to bring in their favourite book to share with their friends.

Next Friday (16th September), we are holding a Roahl Dahl day in school. Please pay £1 via eduspot shop to come dressed in your favourite pyjamas or Onesie ready for a Roahl Dahl bedtime story! We will use the money to buy some new dictionaries.