Tarka Summer Term 2022


Thank you to those of you who found out the names of the continents J In Geography, we have compared Brazil to the UK and learnt about physical and human features.

In maths, the children have used their reasoning skills to solve problems that have more than one answer. They enjoyed the challenge!

Miss Burnell taught the children how to design their own project and test it out on Scratch Junior.

In RE, Tarka class learnt the bible story of The Lost Son. They discussed the moral of the story: forgiveness. They thought about why this is an important part of being a Christian.


Tarka class loved finishing off their carnival dance this week. They wore their headdress that they made in DT for their final performance.

This week the children planned their own story by drawing their characters and a story board. They have started writing their stories and are excited to finish these next week!  

In maths, we have recapped what halving and sharing. We also used arrays to solve division problems.

The children designed a road safety poster that will be entered into a competition. The parish council will select some winning designs from our school to be made into a metal signs to be put on the road outside.


This week we have changed the characters and adventures in the story of Sylvia and Bird to rewrite the story Bluey and Caterpillar as a class. Bluey is a whale who lives in a waterpark but wants to go and explore the ocean!

In maths, we have been using arrays to solve multiplication problems and started to think about how we find “double” and “half” a number.

Thank you to everyone who has bought in their rainforest in a box – they are all looking fantastic! The children enjoyed showing these to each other and sharing all the interesting facts they have learnt.


We have continued to read the story of Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Rayner in English this week. The children have enjoyed changing the characters and adventures to make up their own stories which we will be finishing off next week.

In maths, we have started to look at how to tell the time. Miss Smith taught the children about the minute and hour hand, and we learnt that when the minute hand is on the twelve, it is “o’clock!”

The children also really enjoyed making their carnival headdresses in DT this week and are looking forward to wearing them for their dance they have been learning with Miss Smith in PE


I have been very impressed with the children’s reading of real/alien words this week. Thank you for working on this over the holidays.

Tarka class have enjoyed reading and learning the story of Sylvia and Bird by Catherine Raynor. This is our new text for our story writing sequence that Miss Smith will be teaching for the next few weeks.

In maths, Miss Smith has taught the children how to find half of a shape/object and half of a number or quantity. They have learnt that a half is one of two equal parts.

We have learnt interesting facts about Brazil. Looked at the Brazilian flag, identified Brazil on a map of South America and started to create an information poster. We will be comparing the UK to Brazil in our Geography lessons over the next few weeks.

Tarka class were very excited to start making their carnival headdresses in DT and they enjoyed making Father’s Day cards, ready to celebrate on Sunday!

Tarka class have worked hard in maths this week, identifying amounts that are greater than/less than/equal to and using the symbols < > =

They have also finished their letters to their pen-pals in Brazil. They are ready to be emailed over the holidays – we are excited to receive replies!

Miss Smith was very impressed with the children’s designs for their Carnival headdresses in D.T. The children are excited to start making these after half term.

On top of all of this, we have had a busy week of Jubilee preparations with lots of singing practice, bunting making, crown designing and learning a little bit about the history of Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you so much to those of you who came to join our celebration yesterday. The children loved it!


Tarka class have started writing their letters to their pen pals, giving information about themselves and asking questions.

In maths, Miss Smith has started to teach the children how to count in fives. She has also recapped money – looking at the value of coins and introduced bank notes. Tarka class have enjoyed using their knowledge of counting in twos and tens to solve problems involving money.

Miss Smith has also started the DT learning with the children. They learnt how to join different materials using split pins, tabs, folds and loops of masking tape.

We had a brilliant morning at the Multi-skills festival at Park school on Thursday morning. The children loved the activities and followed the instructions from the Sports Leaders really well.


The children have worked really hard to finish their recounts in English this week. We have started to think about our letter writing to Brazilian pen pals. We thought about the information we would need to tell a pen pal and questions we will ask them.

In maths, we have solved word problems involving addition and subtraction using known facts to help. We have learnt to use a calendar to find the date and see what date it will be in four days’ time/what date it was 3 days ago etc. We have continued to learn the order of the days of the week and months of the year.

Tarka class enjoyed learning a bit about Queen Elizabeth II and discussing the upcoming Platinum Jubilee. We looked at the Union Jack flag and thought about the different flags that make up this one.


In English we have been writing our recount of our trip to Rosemoor. The children have tried to use interesting adjectives to add extra information about what we did first, next, then, after that, finally.

In maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction and looked at the relationship between the two. We used Numicon and a part-part-whole model to investigate If I know 6 + 4 = 10, what else do I know?

Tarka class have enjoyed learning more about plants this week. We learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. They also did a hunt around the school for different shades of green. We have started to name common plants and trees that we can see around school.


Tarka class were very excited to see each other after a two week break! The children really enjoyed sharing their photos from the Easter Holidays with their friends and these were helpful for them to write a recount of what they did.

We started our science learning by naming the parts of a plant. We had a fantastic day at Rosemoor on Thursday and learnt what a seed needs to germinate and the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. The children loved collecting petals, leaves and garden treasures to make a sticky flower. They also got to plant their own Nasturtium seeds. We are keeping them at school for a couple of weeks to see their progress!