Tarka Spring Term 2022


We have been learning the story of creation in RE this week, thinking about who Christians believe made the world. We have discussed how Christians show thanks for God’s creations, how they care for the world and give back to the community.

In maths, we have been describing position and direction, using the correct language. The children enjoyed programming the Beebots and giving specific directions to their peers to get from one place to another. We have also worked on whole, half and quarter turns.  

In History, we have learnt lots of facts about Queen Elizabeth I and recapped our knowledge of Queen Victoria. The children have started to think about similarities and differences between the two queens.


In English, the children finished their I Love Pets! poems. I was really impressed with their use of adjectives and alliteration to describe their pets. For their final independent write, the children tasted a variety of fruit and used adjectives to describe the colour, taste and texture. They had a go at writing their own poem I Love Fruit!

In maths, we have revised 3D shapes and worked on identifying their properties. The children can now identify how many faces, edges and vertices each 3D shape has. We have also made repeating patterns with 2D and 3D shapes.

Tarka class enjoyed creating some observational drawings of flowers for their Mother’s Day cards. We discussed why we celebrate Mother’s Day and thought about the things we love about our mums!


This week the children have been artists! They have really enjoyed completing their final paintings inspired by Kandinksy’s circles.

In English, we have started to change the poem I Love Bugs! to I Love Pets! The children enjoyed sharing pictures of their own pets and writing interesting adjectives to describe their appearance and personality. They have used word cards to build their own expanded noun phrases to help with writing our new version of the poem next week.

In maths, we have measured capacity and volume. The children used their knowledge of counting in 2s and 10s to help with reading and accurately marking scales on measuring jugs and cylinders.

Today has been a fun day of dressing up in aid of Comic Relief. We have learnt about the Comic Relief charity and thought about how our donations help those in need.


In maths, we have continued to explore measure. We started the week using our understanding of 1 more/less and 10 more/less to solve problems using cm. The children then enjoyed using the balance scales to weigh and compare objects using grams.  

In English this week we have been learning and remembering our text I Love Bugs. We searched for the adjectives in the text and then used adjectives to write expanded noun phrases about different types of bugs.   Some of our expanded noun phrases used alliteration. 

In computing the children have been exploring the different tools on the Paint program and learning how to draw and colour shapes. Next week we will be using these skills to create a digital painting inspired by the artist Kandinsky. In circle time we have been thinking about friendships, what makes a good friend and what we can do to be a kind and caring friend.

It was lovely to hear all about the children’s half-term news on Monday. They wrote about where they went, who they saw and what they did.

In maths, we have been exploring measure. We began by measuring the length of objects in cm. The children enjoyed using rulers and accurately measuring.

We have started a new text in English I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd. We started to think about nouns and adjectives. We will be learning to write a descriptive poem over the next couple of weeks.

Tarka class have enjoyed lots of stories this week, a book swap with cookies and drinks, a visit from the librarian and a fun dress-up day for World Book Day celebrations.

I was so impressed with the behaviour and brilliant learning that happened in Tarka class when the visitors were here this week. The inspectors praised the children’s enthusiasm, curiosity and ability to articulate their learning.

We continued to learn about climates in Geography and imagined we were going on holiday to a Mediterranean climate and a mountainous climate. The children enjoyed drawing and labelling what they would pack in their suitcase to match the weather in the two different climates.
In English, Tarka class finished their independent writing about a season of their choice. They all used ‘and’ to join words or clauses in their sentences and wrote some interesting information.
We have worked on solving simple problems involving multiplication and division in maths. This was a challenge, but the children used counters and arrays to support this.
In music, the children had a go at creating their own graphic score; drawing symbols and pictures to match the sounds they wanted to make for their piece of music.
Children’s Mental Health week and Safer internet day activities

In PE, the children continued to build their gymnastics routines by adding a jump (tuck jump, star jump or straight jump). The children worked on bending their knees and holding their balance when landing.

We used percussion instruments and experimented with changing the tempo and identifying the pitch of the music. The children enjoyed making sounds to represent rain, wind and thunder and lightning.  

Our Geography learning has linked with our English learning this week. We have learnt about the weather and climates all over the world. The children were able to match the names of climates (polar, temperate, Mediterranean, mountainous, arid, tropical) to their descriptions. We explored the types of houses people live in to suite the climate.

In maths, we have solved problems involving doubling and halving and started to familiarise with arrays. We learnt the difference between a column and a row and had a go at making arrays.

In English we have started a new non-fiction text called Weather. We have been identifying the features of a non-fiction text and discussed the purpose of our new text – to give information.
In maths, we have distinguished between equal and unequal groups of objects and learnt how to identify the amount of groups compared to the amount of objects in each group. They have also used their knowledge of counting in twos and tens work out the total number of objects.
In PE, the children enjoyed exploring different ways of rolling to travel across a mat. We practised posing at the beginning and end of each roll, using core balance and control. In their pairs, the children were able to give feedback to tell their partner one thing they did well and one thing they could do to make it even better next time.
Tarka class have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. They watched some videos and read a story that gave information about how people prepare and celebrate for the festival. The children wrote some of the facts they had learned, made a paper lantern and tasted fortune cookies.


I have been so impressed with the children’s writing of The Three Little Pigs! Please look at the blog to see and celebrate your child’s work!

In art, we have continued to mix colours and learnt that we can make a colour darker by shading, using black paint.

In Science, we have collected data to find out what is the most common material in our classroom. We discovered it was plastic! We talked about why we thought plastic was the most common material in our classroom.

In PSHE, we thought about the things that humans look after (babies, children, plants, animals, the environment/community). The children made posters about looking after our community (keeping it clean, tidy and safe).

Week ending 21st January
In art, we have recapped primary and secondary colours and mixed tertiary colours on a colour wheel. We have learnt that we can make a colour lighter by tinting, using white paint.
In Science, we have classified different objects according to the materials they are made from and thought about why things are made of particular materials.
We started off our music learning for this term, listening to BBC Ten Pieces Finlandia. We thought about how the music made us feel and had a go at drawing the images the music created in our minds. We also explored making a song quieter and louder.


The children have loved being back in school this week, enjoying sharing their Christmas news with their friends.

Our topic for this term is ‘Who Lives in a House Like This?’ The children enjoyed designing their front cover for their topic books, drawing lots of different houses.

We have started a new sequence in English. Our text is The Three Little Pigs. We have watched and listened to different versions of the story. The children had a go at writing the story themselves. We then read and sequenced the version we will be focussing on.

In maths we have been learning to count in twos and tens. We have been familiarising ourselves with money, identifying the value of coins from 1p to £2. Tarka class have enjoyed using real and pretend money to buy something using our shop role-play.