Tarka Autumn Term 2021


The children have enjoyed a very exciting week, counting down to Christmas!

This week we have:

Learnt all about the nativity, sequenced the pictures and written captions. We answered our RE question: Why is Christmas important to Christians?

Made some beautiful Christmas cards for our families.

Enjoyed Christmas dinner, wearing our hats!

Thought about what we are most excited and thankful for at Christmas time.

Had fun at the Christmas party with Barum class! We even had a special visitor delivering gifts and wishing us a Merry Christmas!


This week, we started to answer our RE question: Why is Christmas important to Christians? We have read The Nativity story and sequenced pictures from the story to show the journey of Jesus’ birth. We have talked about what religion is and discussed the fact that not everyone is a Christian, people have different beliefs and views.


In Maths, the children have learnt how to add and subtract using a number line. They had a go at solving missing number problems and word problems using addition and subtraction.


Teresa continued to teach Tarka class how to use a tracking pad to draw a Christmas picture. We were really impressed with the control the children had over the mouse.


We have been busy printing wrapping paper and finishing our Christmas crafts ready for next week.

In English, we began a new sequence based on the book How to Catch Santa. The children have enjoyed writing questions to ask Santa, sentences to tell Santa and labelling a picture to show what they would like to give Santa if they met him. They also wrote a letter to Santa to let him know what they would like for Christmas!

We started our 12 days of Christmas and made a class advent calendar, as well as our class crafts. Tarka and Barum class have been busy practicing our songs for the Christmas celebration next Tuesday.

In ICT Teresa taught the children about the differences between a Desktop Computer and a Laptop and what different parts are called: base unit, screen, keyboard, mouse, trackpad. We noticed that the letters on a keyboard are capital letters, but when you type, the letters appear as lower case. A computer maybe clever, but we have to tell it to type the letters as capitals and this can be tricky to learn. We talked about showing resilience and keeping trying.


In PE, we played a game called Body Parts, identifying different parts of our bodies (elbow, stomach, heel, ankle, thumb, forehead, shoulder etc) by running to a cone and placing the correct body part on it!

To end our history learning, the children answered our question: Would you rather be a child in Bishops Tawton now or in the Victorian era? Most of the children said they would prefer to be a child in the present day, because they have gaming, iPads, lots of toys and yummy food that Victorian children wouldn’t have had.

In Science, we went on a walk around school and identified the things we could hear and see.

We discussed our upcoming trip to the theatre to see Stick Man on Monday. Please send your child in their school uniform for the day, not PE kit.


This week Tarka class have enjoyed writing a new reply to Little Miss Muffet in our English sequence.

In maths, we have been partitioning two-digit numbers and completing 100-square puzzles to help the children’s understanding of place value.

Miss Smith taught the children about human and physical features of our landscape in Geography. Tarka class loved walking around school trying to spot them.

In science, we labelled parts of a human body and started to think about our five senses.


We had exciting start to our week with our visit from The Past Presents. The children learnt what it was like to be a Victorian child and had some valuable hands on experiences to help our history learning. Following this, we have been sorting school equipment into past and present day and comparing Victorian toys to toys the children have now. Please see the blog for photos J

In science, we have classified animals into carnivore/herbivore/omnivore groups.

The children enjoyed starting a new English sequence with Miss Smith. Our text is Dear Mother Goose by Michael Rosen and Nick Sharratt.

We held two minutes’ silence on Thursday morning and discussed Remembrance Day.

The children enjoyed sharing and writing about their half-term news this week.
In maths, Miss Smith taught the class about 3D shapes and position and direction. We all walked around school and plotted the classrooms and buildings on a map in Geography.
Tarka class loved their science lesson this week, investigating animal ‘poo’ and ‘stomachs’ to find out what type of foods a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore eats.


We have had a busy week in Tarka class, full of fun learning!

The children loved making, tasting and evaluating their bread rolls.

They have had lots of fun on shape hunts with Miss Smith and learnt more about 2D shapes.

Miss Smith conducted an experiment using glitter as germs with the children, to demonstrate how quickly germs spread! They practised washing their hands thoroughly.  

In science, we have been observing pictures of animal prints and tails to identify what animal they belong to. Tarka class really enjoyed our books What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? and Animalium.

Making bread rolls in DT
Tarka class enjoyed the process of kneading the dough. They learnt that dough needs to prove before you bake it.


Thank you for helping your child to learn what season their birthday is in. We have continued to work on this at school.

Tarka class have finished writing their books in English this week. They have worked so hard on making their sentences the best they can be. 

In Maths, we have focussed on subtraction. The children enjoyed using equipment to make up their own subtraction stories. We also used the part whole model to help us understand subtraction.

We thought about what Geography means and used Google Earth to explore the world, the UK, Devon and Bishops Tawton. We started to discuss what the geography of Bishops Tawton is like compared to a city. The children were fascinated by Google Earth!

Thank you for coming to see our Harvest singing on Wednesday afternoon. The children enjoyed sharing their songs with you.
Tarka class have loved becoming authors of their own books in English this week. They designed a front cover and wrote the first few pages of their book “How Do I Feel?” based on our English text.
In Maths, we have been learning about addition using the part, part, whole model, ten frames and numicon to support this.
In science this week, we started to think about the seasons and how we can tell when the season is changing. We thought about the colours and signs of Autumn.


Tarka class enjoyed our trip to church on Tuesday to celebrate our Harvest Festival (even if the walk was a bit soggy). We talked about how and why we show respect in a church. The children really took this on board and behaved excellently. You can listen to the songs on our website and weather permitting on the playground on Wednesday 6th October at 2.45pm. 

In English this week, we have focussed on using consistent finger spaces and full stops in our writing. We have explored the meaning of some of the trickier vocabulary in our text, using facial expressions and freeze frames to help with this.

In maths, the children have started to familiarise with the dienes/Base 10 equipment through play. We used the equipment to learn about the place value of numbers beyond 20.


This week we started a new sequence in English, focusing on a new text How Do You Feel? By Patrick George. We started to explore the meaning of some of the vocabulary and thought about times when we have felt certain emotions. By the end of our sequence, the aim is for the children to create their own book of feelings with their own illustrations.

In maths, we have worked on deepening our understanding of place value of by ordering numbers and identifying one more and one less than a given number in different contexts.


We’ve had another fun week in Tarka class. The highlight was celebrating Roald Dahl day on Thursday, sharing lots of his stories and thinking about his funny characters. We were so impressed with the effort that went into the outfits, thank you.

The children enjoyed sharing their photos of the view from their window and writing a speech bubble about their picture. They’ve also made a wanted poster for the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and acted out the story.

We’ve been counting to a hundred in maths and used ten frames to find one more and one less.

Roald Dahl day!
Working Together
The children enjoyed the challenge of working as a team to build bridges for the bears. We talked about what makes good teamwork: sharing, taking turns, talking to each other calmly and listening. 

We have had a lovely week getting to know each other! We have read and sequenced the story of Little Red Riding Hood and enjoyed doing some writing activities linked to this. In maths, we have been measuring height and length using the correct language.

We have discussed our focus author Tom Percival and shared some of his stories. We’ve also talked about Working Together and come up with our class rules!