Collection after School

30th September 2020

Dear Parents

A reminder of our Protocol for pick up at the School Lane entrance.


Thank you to those who are following our protocol with school pick ups.
We appreciate your support.

We would like to remind you that if you are collecting your children from the school lane entrance we are requesting you ALL queue down school lane behind the yellow line,  adhering to social distancing.

Please enter school lane from the bottom of the lane (opposite the park),  we will call the children to the parents at the front of the queue, you will then leave towards the Alms houses exit (where the zigzags are). 

Please remember not to stand in groups and chat along the lane as this compromises social distancing and causes delays. 


Could pre-school parents also wait in the lane when collecting. 

*Please note only one adult is permitted to bring/collect a child to/from school as per our protocol
If you have arranged for another adult to pick up your child please make them aware of our procedures.