Saunton Spring Term 2022



This week we have been drawing together many areas of learning from this term.  We have made shadow theatres and moveable puppets to enable us to recap our scientific knowledge and wrote short stories to perform through the theatres to Codden class.  We have also enjoyed the challenge of word and number problems this week!


This week we have been working on our final drafts of our story inspired by Leon and the place between.  The children have been really imaginative with their ideas, which has been great to read.

In maths we have been learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. 

We have explored pulleys in design technology in readiness for planning and making a shadow puppet theater next week.


In maths this week we have been continuing to explore decimal numbers and addition of decimals to make 1 whole. 

In English we have been innovating our core story by inventing new characters and descriptive settings. 

In science we have explored the reasoning behind why shadows move through the day and how this impacts upon the shadow length. 

We are looking forward to sharing the homework projects on hemispheres next week.


This week the children have been writing and punctuating speech in English and consolidating their measuring skills to one decimal place. 

In Geography they have been exploring latitude and longitude.     


This week the children have been exploring expanded noun phrases and adverbial phrases in their class text - Leon and the place between.  We have been using a range of mathematical resources to embed our understanding of decimal numbers and the value of each digit.  In art we have continued to colour mix using poster paint and experiment with pastel and chalk to create areas of light.


This week the children have produced some wonderful letters.  We have written to Dr K Fisher for advice for our different problems! 

In maths we are revisiting place value and after half term will be introducing decimal numbers. 

In art we have continued to explore colour mixing and blending when working on a piece of art inspired by Peter Thorpe’s Rocket 25.

This week we welcomed Dr Alice Mills into our class who has a PhD is Astrophysics. She delivered a light workshop for the children and remarked on how knowledgeable and inquisitive they were. The children’s behaviour was outstanding throughout.
We have written our own letters this week and investigated scaling down in maths. As part of Children’s mental health week we have explored different feelings we experience (excitement, worry, sadness etc) and discussed different strategies we can use to help regulate these feelings.
This week we have been scaling up and scaling down recipes and cakes! We have been punctuating multiclause sentences and learning about the problems penguins face in the wild. In science we have explored what white light is made up of and created a colour wheel.


This week we have used our understanding of multiplication to support our division problem solving.  We have explored scientific language and conjunctions for cause and effect sentences.  We explored music composed by Delia Derbyshire and ‘found sounds’.


This week we have written our final poem about a job of our choice. 

In maths we have used our multiplication knowledge to support our understanding of correspondence problems. 

In science we have explored light reflection and how we can use different materials to do this. 


This week the children have written their own poem about the life of a vet.  We have continued to explore the relationship between multiplication and division and in art we have looked at a range of light and space teamed picture by the artist Peter Thorpe.


The children have settled into the spring term well and are working on understanding how we can be more resilient in our learning.

We have been exploring poetry linked to painting and started investigating the relationship between multiplication and division.

In science we have started exploring light and shadows.