Saunton 20/21

The classroom has been like Santa's grotto this week....lots of busy elves wrapping presents to take home!
We have been learning some Makaton sign language to the Christmas song 'Holly Jolly Christmas'.  The children were quick to learn which signs matched which words.  A little more practice is needed next week!
We have been busy learning new skills this week, while constructing the base for our Roman catapults. We really enjoyed sawing and joining the pieces of wood together.
Our tree of hope is now full of our hopes for Christmas.  The children wrote their hopes on a star and decorated with lots of sparkly glitter! Christmas isn't Christmas without glitter!
We have learnt all about switches in science.  We made our own switches out of paper clips and split pins, and investigated what they do in a circuit.
We have been getting messy with clay!  We have been making Roman pots by using coils of clay. It was quite tricky but lots of fun.  We really like the finished shapes of our pots!
The Year 3 designed their own poppies on Remembrance Day. They worked sensitively and thought about why we wear poppies to remember. 
The children had a Roman visitor in class this week to talk to them about why the Romans invaded Britain.  He was called Paulinus and he was very well dressed in a toga! The children were not happy when they found out that they would have been slaves for the Roman invaders!
In science this week, the children investigated how to make a bulb light up by using wires and a battery.  They were great scientists trying out different things to work out how to make a circuit.
This week we had a close look at some Roman mosaics.  We learnt that rich and powerful Romans had them in their homes.  Then we had a go at making our own....lots of resilience has been required!
We have been thinking about what is personal information and what we should or shouldn't share online. We made up our own characters and gave them personal information. 
We have tried to answer the question 'Why do Romans use arches in their bridges?' by carrying out a science investigation.  The children had lots of fun making a plank, arch and concertina style bridge to see which is the strongest.
All the children have done some super writing about the Roman Baths; they have tried their very best.  The Y3 children are getting used to writing in pen now!
The year 3's have been learning about who they might communicate with online and what to do if they receive a message from someone they don't know. 
We created a 'human' timeline to help us understand how far back in history the Romans were.  Lots of learning took place and the children developed a real sense of how long ago different things were.
We completed our Harvest time thank you cards.  Hopefully you have been given one!  The printing and card making were lovely activities to end our mini Autumn/Harvest project.
Saunton class children are amazing at sewing!  We have been adding veins on to our tie-dyed leaves with wool.  They are looking fabulous!
We have been exploring autumn colours in art this week.  We have created some beautiful 'stained glass' leaves  We had to cut out the shape of the leaves very carefully!
Medal Winners!  These children won medals by completing the activities in the Devon Games Challenge.  They had to walk loads of miles, complete a bike ride, create a dance....and lots of other very physical activities. Well done to all of you!
We have been tie dying a fabric leaf.  This is the starting point for a piece of art work.  We will be adding to the leaves next week using our sewing skills.....
Mrs Hughes knows we all need to practice our handwriting, after not using this skill as much as we normally would.  So we have been writing out an Autumnal recipe to bring home and bake.