Lundy Autumn Term 2021


We have been exploring some printing techniques in art and learning more about blending acrylic paints.

In maths, we have been learning about the correct order of operations. 

Our English work has been focusing on different tenses and changing verbs to fit these tenses.  This was linked to our current sequence based on the story behind a Spanish Christmas Lottery advert.

We have created line graphs, using excel on computers, to present our data from our heart rate experiment.

We have been learning how to create an accompaniment on Garage Band so that we can create one for our song.  There has also been lots of singing of Christmas songs.

We have started our countdown to Christmas by thinking about Advent and doing some Christmas maths.


This week we have written some super explanation texts which give clear information to the reader.  The children have thought carefully about the skills they have learnt and applied them to their writing.

In maths, we have been learning to solve multi-step word problems. 

In science the children have carried out an experiment to see how fast their heart rate returns to normal after exercise.  We are going to use this data to create graphs next week.

We have begun looking at the art work of Suzie Mackenzie.  The children are going to be using this as a stimulus for creating their own prints of the biosphere landscapes.


This week we have been planning our own independent explanation texts about topics of our choice, in preparation for writing next week.

In maths, we have started a unit on addition and subtraction and have been learning about the most efficient methods to solve problems.

We had a super trip to the museum and it was interesting to look at Barnstaple through the eyes of a Norman, from the top of Castle Mound. The children were really well behaved and a pleasure to be with.

We have made a ‘blood smoothie’ to help us understand about the different components of the blood – raspberries represented the red blood cells!  Also, we had two visitors – Dr Cormack and Dr. Coates – in class, to answer questions that the children had about the digestive and circulatory system.  They also learnt how to use a stethoscope – please see the photos on the Blog!


Another busy week in Lundy Class!

We have used our learning from last week about the digestive system, to create a piece of explanation writing. We have all written multi-clause sentences and used relative clauses.

We have been historians this week, looking at sections of the Bayeux Tapestry to try to piece together the story leading up to 1066.  I was so impressed by how the children made links between different events, to build up the story. 

In music we have been using the Garage Band app. to create rhythmic patterns with light and heavy textures. This will help us to create an accompaniment to our song about the environment.

We have been learning about coastal features and have discovered specific places where we can find these in the North Devon Biosphere. 

On Thursday we held our 2 minute silence and created poppies for remembrance.

What a great first week back we have had in Lundy Class! It was lovely to see all the children back and ready to learn.
We have been busy finding out about features of explanation texts in English and learning to write relative clauses.
In maths we have been learning about what a percentage is and linking this to fractions and decimals.
Science has been really fun as the children carried out an experiment to show them how the digestive system works. They learnt lots of new vocabulary as well as being totally grossed out!
In music we have listened and appraised the song Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell. The children really appreciated the message in the song and we have decided to write our own song about looking after the environment…watch this space!
All the children have made the chutneys which they designed before half term. They have created some super finished products and have begun to evaluate them. Enjoy trying them at home with some cheese and crackers!


What an unusual week! 

Hopefully those of you that have been ill, are on the mend. The children in school have been so sensible about the situation.  They have tried their best to look after everyone by constant handwashing and distancing in class.

This week we have all been writing our independent atmospheric stories.  I have read some really great ones so far and will read through more of them over half term.  So thank you for trying so hard with this.

In maths, we have been re-visiting the bus stop method for division.  We have begun to use this method to change fractions into decimals – we will continue with the after the holiday when everyone is back in school.

We have started creating powerpoint presentations about our trip to Exmoor and have learnt how to import a video and add in voice overs.

In science we have continued learning about the human lifecycle and thought about what happens as we age.  I was really impressed with how respectful the children were of elderly people and how they realise there is such a lot we can learn from them.


We have been catching up on our science learning this week. We have been finding out about the human life-cycle, with a particular focus on childhood development. We have been creating a table to present information clearly.

We have re-visited learning about the key musical elements and have been applying this to describing music that we listened to.

The children have created some super atmospheric stories. We have all written on a similar theme to practise our skills, ready to write own independent stories next week.

In maths we have been learning about mixed fractions and how to order these alongside improper and normal fractions.

Our DT learning has continued, as we have designed our labels for our chutney jars. 

Please can you send a clean glass jar with a screw lid (jam jar), into school before Monday 18th October.


The children were fantastic ambassadors for our school at the cross country on Thursday.  Their behaviour was super and they demonstrated great resilience when completing the race.

In English we have been investigating how authors create atmosphere, as well as learning why authors use direct speech.  The children are trying so hard with their joined up handwriting in all of their subjects – I am really proud of them and they are proud of themselves!

In maths we have been comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators.  This has been followed by learning about Improper fractions.

We have also, in groups, designed our own seasonal, locally grown chutneys that we will make in the week before half term.  Please can you send a clean glass jar with a screw lid (jam jar), into school before Monday 18th October. 


We have had a really busy and fun-filled week. 

The children were amazing on our trip to Exmoor and showed great resilience.  They learnt about the physical features of the area and went pond-dipping to investigate what life is found in the streams. The children behaved brilliantly and were great fun to be with.

We gave lots of thanks at our Harvest Festival; especially for the area in which we live and for the food which grows locally. The children sang beautifully and enjoyed being back together for the special assembly.

 In English we have begun a new sequence of work based on the story called ‘The Shadow Cage’ by Philippa Pearce.  Over the next few weeks they will be learning about writing an atmosphere in a story, so our trip to Exmoor will have provided them with some first-hand experience to use in their work!

We have begun a unit of work on fractions and have been learning to simplify them and checking our understanding of fractions.


The children have had a great week!  In maths we have been doing lots of practical measuring and then learning to convert different units of measure. 

We have been using the internet to research the different types of habitats and animals found in the North Devon Biosphere, ready to share this information with the other classes at Harvest.

We have completed our individual poetic writing by taking care with word choices and using poetic devices in complex sentences. 


We have had a busy week of learning here in Lundy Class.  As part of learning about seasonal food, we have been tasting chutney in preparation for designing and making our own.  The Y5 children have made a basic chutney today and created a video for the other children in KS2 to learn how to make chutney.

We have written some lovely poetic compositions about different types of dogs.  The children have applied their English learning and focused really well on creating complex, mature sentences.

Maths has been fun using decimals for rounding, ordering and comparing activities.

The Y6 had their first tennis coaching session on Wednesday – it was like Wimbledon on the top playground in the lovely Autumn sunshine!


We have had a great first week back!  The children have settled well, and enjoyed being back together. 

We have begun our topic learning by find out what a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is and created some really lovely front covers for our topic book.

We have also been getting used to our busy mornings of reading, spelling, writing and maths.