Lundy 20/21

We have had a brilliant last two weeks of school. We finished building our Roman catapults, then we tested them to see how far we could launch different sized pieces of paper. We conducted some air and water resistance experiments. We made Christingles and sang (socially distanced) some songs on the playground. We ate a wonderful Christmas dinner then completed the Santa Run! We learned the first verse of 'All I want for Christmas' in Makaton. We planned and advert, wrote a script for it, filmed each scene then edited it using iMovie. We even wrote to Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson!
What a great end to 2020, we can can't wait for 2021!
Investigating insulators and conductors, sawing wood for our Roman catapults, creating, decorating and painting our Roman pots and celebrating difference.
Creating electrical circuits, designing our own Roman pots and doing some Yoga.
Learning about the 10 Commandments, running Cross Country and exercising alongside Joe Wickes.
Using Atlases to investigate the Roman Empire and creating a mosaic picture in the style of the Romans using paint and sticks.
Making bridges, learning about the Colosseum, running cross country, making mosaic picture and writing non-fiction factfiles.
Placing the Romans in context with other historical periods, creating topic front cover, matching up unknown technical language with definition, comparing units of measure and enjoying (some of us!) our baked apples.
Recreating Van Gogh's The Harvest, autumnal polystyrene printing, 'stained glass' autumn leaf making, rounding and writing stories.
Using the Glockenspiels, thinking about our emotions, painting some aspirational artwork, creating a word cloud about a friend.
Writing poems about ourselves, making macramé with the help of our friends, practicing our times tables, creating our class tree of hope and drawing self-portraits with half our face.