Exmoor Summer Term 2022


This week the children have been learning lots of information about the Queen, that they have used to write a biography about her.

In maths, we have been understanding fractions and how we can order or compare fractions with different denominator.

In topic we have been continuing to study the Mayans, this week we did some maths in Mayan.


This week in English we have been identifying the features of a biography text and in maths we’ve started our new sequence focusing fractions.

In topic we have started our new science unit focused on animals and plants and we have learnt about the parts of a flower.    


This week Exmoor have worked really hard on getting back into the routine of school. In English we have started a new sequence looking at biographies and in maths we have continued our sequence on addition and subtraction, focusing on word problems. We have also started our new topic learning this week, which is inspired by South America. The children have looked at a Brazilian artist and began learning about the Mayan culture.