Exmoor Summer Term 2022


This week Exmoor class have writing their final stories inspired by Gregory Cool. They have all learnt how to include speech in their writing to engage the reader.

In topic, we have been learning about what daily life was like for mayan people in different classes.

Finally, in science the children have been creating their own creatures and explaining their adaptations. All of the children in Exmoor class have been working extremely hard, I am really proud of them all!


This week Exmoor class have been planning their final stories, in English, inspired by the story ‘Gregory Cool’.

In maths, the year fives have been developing their place value knowledge and the year fours have been exploring word problems.

In topic the children have been learning about how the climate varies across Brazil and in science they have learnt about different animal classifications and adaptations.


This week Exmoor class went on a brilliant trip to Northam Burrows where they were able to investigate the rock pools and discover some interesting creatures. We also explored the Burrows to discover what animals live within them.

Within school, the children have been learning more about speech and how we can use it to progress our stories and develop our characters.

In topic, we have learnt more about Mayan foods and made our own Mayan hot chocolates.


This week, the children have been continuing to immerse themselves within the story of Gregory Cool.

In maths, year 4 have been focusing on developing their understanding of rounding and in year 5 the children have been working on developing their place value skills.

In topic, Exmoor have been designing their final art piece and in geography the children have been locating different environmental regions of Brazil. 


This week in maths year 5 have been working on their place value skills and year 4 have been working on practicing their column subtraction.

In English we have read a new adventure story – Gregory Cool. 

In our clay workshop we designed and created wonderful commemorative vases, which will look beautiful once they have been fired in the kiln.  


This week the children have been learning lots of information about the Queen, that they have used to write a biography about her.

In maths, we have been understanding fractions and how we can order or compare fractions with different denominator.

In topic we have been continuing to study the Mayans, this week we did some maths in Mayan.


This week in English we have been identifying the features of a biography text and in maths we’ve started our new sequence focusing fractions.

In topic we have started our new science unit focused on animals and plants and we have learnt about the parts of a flower.    


This week Exmoor have worked really hard on getting back into the routine of school. In English we have started a new sequence looking at biographies and in maths we have continued our sequence on addition and subtraction, focusing on word problems. We have also started our new topic learning this week, which is inspired by South America. The children have looked at a Brazilian artist and began learning about the Mayan culture.