Exmoor Autumn Term 2021

This week in Exmoor class the children have concluded their maths work focusing on geometric reasoning.
In English we have also complete are most recent sequencing focusing on creating the story to go along with a festive advert. The children have all written some fantastic stories, filled with description.
In science we have been focusing on understanding how nutrients are transported and used within our bodies, so we have focused our learning on understanding the cardiovascular system and how nutrients are diffused into our muscles.

This week, Exmoor class have been getting into the Christmas spirit by starting our new English sequence, in which the children are aiming to writing the story of a Christmas advert. They have already made a fantastic start and have wowed me with some of their vocabulary choices!

In maths we have continued our sequence on geometric reasoning, the children have learnt the different types of triangles and how to identify them by their properties.

Finally, in history the children have used their knowledge of how the Norman conquest effected Barnstaple to design their own Motte and Bailey castles.


This week I have received a very warm welcome from all of the children and I am looking forward to teaching them!

Exmoor class started their week with an exciting trip to Barnstaple museum where we learnt more about how the Norman conquest of Britain affected the people of North Devon! In English the children have finished writing their own information texts on a topic of their choices, which have been very interesting to read! In maths we have started our new topic of geometric reasoning, in which the children have been using their knowledge of shapes to help them estimate angles. Finally, in science the children have learnt all about food webs and even made one of their own on the playground.


We have had a great week writing our explanation texts about the digestive system, we now know the process really well! In maths we have been measuring length, mass and capacity and solving problems based on these. In geography we have been learning all about the coast and its features, we created some wonderful information leaflets about the features in our local area.

It has been a pleasure teaching Exmoor Class since September, thank you very much for the cards and gifts, it is very kind of you and I really appreciate it! I will miss all of you very much, but I’m sure I will see you soon!


We have had a very busy week this week, working on getting to know how the digestive system works using scientific vocabulary. In maths, we have been working on multi-step context problems, which has been a challenge but we have shown a lot of perseverance and resilience. We have had a brilliant time making our chutneys, by preparing all the fruit and vegetables, measuring the sugar and vinegar and adding the herbs and spices. We have really enjoyed it and we hope you’ll have a taste test of the jars we bring home.


It was lovely to see all the children back from half term ready to learn. We’ve started our new English sequence about explanation writing, so we’ve started to get to know our text and think about the different text features. In maths we have done lots of work on column subtraction, the children have worked really hard.

In science, we conducted an experiment all about the digestive system, which was a bit yucky but lots of fun. We also recapped our understanding of healthy eating during PSHE, we remembered a lot and were able to discuss the importance of eating healthy. In SMSC we had a debate about Bonfire Night, thinking about for and against opinions, it was really interesting to hear everybody’s different views.


We have had a great final week of term, the children have done brilliantly this term; coming back to school, settling back into routines and working hard in all areas of their learning. This week we have written our final stories linked to the book How the whale became, and they are fantastic, we’ve enjoyed sharing them with the class.

We have had some great discussions about peer pressure and risk, where we have shared our ideas and opinions. We also had a lovely time creating our Christmas cards, the children put in a lot of effort and determination.


We have a had a great week, learning about balanced diets and the human timeline in science, we’ve produced some lovely pieces of science writing. In computing we have learned how to insert a photo from our own folders and add audio on top of the slides, we are really enjoyed creating such interactive slideshows about our trip to Pinkery.

Thank you to those children who have brought in their informative leaflet/poster all about the creatures we found while pond-dipping at Pinkery, they look lovely on our working wall.


The Y5 children had a wonderful time at cross country, with everyone taking part and having a really good go! The Y4s also had a great time investigating muscles and making our own muscle model.  

In English, we have been familiarising ourselves with our new story, by writing scripts, acting them out and creating story maps. In maths we having been working on multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and noticing patterns when doing this. We have also had a go at some exciting challenges to get our brains working really hard! In computing we have started creating our own PowerPoints about our adventurous trip to Exmoor, which the children have really enjoyed.

Thank you to those of you that came to hear the children sing on Tuesday; despite having some technical issues, they were brilliant and really enjoyed performing!


The children had a wonderful time on our trip to Exmoor. They learnt a lot about the physical features of the area and went pond-dipping to investigate what life is found in the streams. The children were resilient, behaved brilliantly and were great fun to be with in typical Exmoor weather!  We hope despite being soggy they shared with you some of the fun and challenges from the day.

We have started our new sequence in English, which we are really excited about! In science we have investigated the importance of nutrition and which foods fit into which food groups and why it is important we have a good amount of each of the types. We had a lovely time singing our Harvest songs and celebrating Harvest and our biosphere, the children sung beautifully!


We have had a great week, focusing lots on our morning reading tasks as well as writing our final piece for English! We’ve started some work on decimal numbers which we will continue next week. We have talked about cycle safety and have created some lovely posters to promote being safe when riding our bikes.

We really enjoyed coming back together with the rest of KS2 to practice singing our songs for Harvest!


We have had a lovely second week back, making a good start on our morning routine of doing guided reading as soon as we arrive at school. We have had a wonderful time singing songs for Harvest, tasting different chutneys, dressing up and learning about Roald Dahl as well as writing our own version of I am dog, we’ve done lots of work on rounding too!


We have had a great first week back!  The children have settled well, and enjoyed being back together. 

We have begun our topic learning by find out what a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is and created some really lovely front covers for our topic book.

We have also been getting used to our busy mornings of reading, spelling, writing and maths.