We have really been enjoying our Hockey lessons in P.E. we have been learning how to correctly hold and use the stick, how to pass, dribble and shoot! We can't wait to start playing some Quickstick matches, making sure to wear our gum-shields and shin-pads!
We had a fantastic time celebrating Science Week! We used chromatography to investigate the different coloured pigments in different types of leaves. We used dyes that had been naturally extracted from plants to tie dye t-shirts. We investigated why Sycamore seeds spin like helicopters when they fall off the tree and how this supports seed distribution.
As it was Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 11th February 2020, we have been making some PowerPoint Presentations about everything we have learned this term about Internet Safety! We had lots of fun making them and lots of fun presenting them to the class!
In English we have been focusing on dialogue, so we decided to create our own script for the characters in our story; The Tear Thief. We had a lot of fun acting out the script that we had written and shouting ACTION!
In Music we listened to Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and discussed how the different instruments played sounds of different pitches. Each time we heard a new instrument we identified the pitch using our hands as you can see below.
As part of our computing we have been finding out about palm oil and its effect on our planet. We have been thinking of ways to use technology to communicate our findings with a wider audience and have created a class PowerPoint that we would like to share with you! Please think about the issues we have raised.
Are there any changes you can make?
Keep an eye open for our upcoming blogs!