Codden Autumn Term 2021


We can hardly believe that the children have been at school for a whole term.  We are so proud of how well they have settled into school life, for the friendships that they have made and all the things that they have worked so hard to achieve so far.

 This week we have done lots of activities to prepare for Christmas!

  • We have read the story Dear Santa and written our own letters to Father Christmas, sounding out the words carefully using the sounds that we have learnt this term.
  • Practised our cutting skills by making snowmen hats to wear to the Christmas Lunch.
  • Worked out the number one more and one less that numbers 0-5
  • We have revised all of the sounds that we have learnt this term and have practised reading and spelling CVC words using them.
  • Followed two step instructions to make magic reindeer food.
  • We were so proud of how well the children performed the Christmas songs that they have been learning to the parents at our Christmas Celebration.

This week we have read the story Dear Santa and have started to prepare for Christmas.

  • We have printed using ferns to create beautiful Christmas Tree cards for our family.
  • Written the insides of our cards using the words ‘To and From’ and sounded out the names of our friends and families.
  • We have created our very own repeating pattern wrapping paper using Christmas shapes.
  • Found lots of different ways of making 6
  • Practised our cutting skills by cutting up old Christmas cards and star shapes to make our own Christmas Decorations.
  • We have recapped all of the sounds we have learnt since we have started school.  We are so proud of how hard everyone has worked to learn and remember them in their reading and writing.

This week we have read the story of the Nativity in preparation for our Christmas Celebration singing in the playground.

  • We have read, listened to and watched the story.  We have acted it out in sequence using small world.  We sequenced pictures in order to retell the story.
  • We have been very busy creating some lovely Christmas Crafts to sell at our Christmas Celebration in the playground.
  • Found lots of different ways of making 6
  • We learnt the sounds y z zz qu and practised writing cvc words using these sounds.
  • We went on a school trip to the theatre to Watch Stickman, we were so impressed by how well behaved the children were and how keen they were to join in and sing along!

This week we have read the story Stick Man in preparation for our visit to the Theatre next week!

  • We have listened to the story and acted it out in sequence using key words and phrases from the story.
  • Created our own stick people using sticks, fabric, wool, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
  • Found lots of different ways of making 5
  • We learnt the sounds j v w x and practised writing cvc words using these sounds.
  • Wrote a ‘Missing Poster’ to describe Stickman and help return him to his home.

This week we have focussed on the story Owl Babies. You can watch a version here…

  • We have been learning the phomes f, ff and ss.
  • We have retold and sequenced the story of Owl Babies.
  • We have written words and sentences about the story.
  • We have made owl baby collages with torn paper.
  • We have decorated our clay diva lamps with paint.
  • On Friday we dressed up in bright colours for Children in Need. We made Pudsey masks.

PLEASE REMEMBER it’s PE on Monday so wear your PE kit into school. You will wear it all day.


This week we have been thinking about the theme of Remembrance and Diwali.

  • We have been learning the phonemes l,f, b and h.
  • We have had a visitor who came in to talk to us about Diwali. The children tried on saris and bindis and they learnt the story of Rama and Sita.
  • We have made coconut barfi an indian sweet.
  • We have made clay diva lamps, we will decorate them next week.
  • We talked about poppies and why people wear them.
  • We took part in the 2 minute silence at 11 o’clock on the 11th November.


This week we have been thinking about the theme of Fireworks.

  • We have been learning the phonemes ck, e, u and r
  • We have painted firework pictures using different printing techniques.
  • We have made 3d shape rockets.
  • We have been writing labels for pictures and writing sentences about staying safe on Bonfire Night
  • We have learnt about the history of Bonfire night.
  • We have been exploring simple counting and number recognition.
  • We made yummy edible sparklers.


This week we have read the story ‘Leaf Man’, the children have collected lots of leaves in different sizes, colours and shapes. 

They worked creatively to make their own leaf animals, people and creatures. 

They described what they had made and talked about the adventures they may go on.

The children in Codden class are so proud of the letters and sounds that they have learnt.  They have practised writing the letters in glittery water and chalk outside and loved playing the noisy letter game.


They worked together and made fruit smoothie.  Everyone helped to peel, wash, chop and slice the fruit and blend it together.


This week we have continued to think about the theme of Harvest.

We have read the story of Oliver’s Milkshake.

  • We have sorted fruits and vegetables and used them for printing.
  • We have used the fruits to make smoothies. We explored fruits and sorted them and tasted our smoothies.
  • We have been learning the phonemes s, a, t and p this week. We have used them to read and write CVC words.
  • We have been sorting in maths, deciding which objects are the odd ones out and saying why.
  • We also sorted ourselves into groups using different reasons, for example hair colour, cardigans or jumpers etc.
  • We have been following ‘Dough Disco’ to strengthen our fingers and improve our fine motor skills.
  • The children have really enjoyed choosing a book to share at home.

Apple Cake and Vegetable Measuring


The children in Codden class collected apples from the school orchard.  They learnt how to peel and cut them.  Everyone worked together to make a delicious apple cake which they shared with the children in Pre-school.


In the school orchard there are lots of different types of apples.  The children tasted them and talked about which ones were their favourite and why.


The children compared the length of different vegetables and worked out which were the longest and shortest.  They used cubes to measure how tall the vegetables were.

The children in Codden class have had great fun learning about Harvest this week.  The visited the school orchard and harvested their own apples.  They made apples, people and animals using apples, sticks, stones and leaves and learnt to persevere when they found things tricky.  The children worked together to act out the story of the Enormous Turnip and learnt to retell the story in sequence.  Everyone sang beautifully at the Church in our Harvest Festival and enjoyed eating yummy apple cake which they cooked themselves. 


We were very excited to have a visitor in Codden Class this week. A dentist! We have learnt lots about how important it is to keep our teeth and gums clean.

  • We have sequenced pictures about how to brush our teeth. 
  • We have played in our role play dentists.
  • We have been exploring repeating patterns in maths.
  • We have been learning the names of 2d shapes.
  • We have been sorting healthy and unhealthy foods.
  • In PE we played parachute games and followed instructions.


We have enjoyed another exciting week in Codden Class. We have been thinking this week about what makes our classroom a lovely place to be. We came up with lots of ideas and now have a class charter. Rules that we think will help us to be the best learners in the best classroom. Ask your child about them.

  • We have dressed up for Roald Dahl day and found out who he was. 
  • We have read the Roald Dahl story The Enormous Crocodile.
  • We have talked about the character of the crocodile.
  • We have been thinking about initial sounds of words – playing lots of games
  • We have been following 1 and 2 step instructions

We will be starting PE on Monday and the children can wear their PE kits into school and remain in them all day. PE will be every Monday.


What a great start to our school year! We have enjoyed an exciting week getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the classroom and outdoor setting. We would like to thank each of you for helping the children to come into school, they have settled so quickly and have really enjoyed their time here.

  • We have had fun exploring the classroom.
  • We have been painting and drawing pictures of ourselves.
  • We have been learning about how and why it’s important to listen and we played lots of listening games.
  • We have made a ‘knock knock’ game to practise recognising and writing our names and it is now displayed in the classroom.