Barum Spring Term 2022


We have continued our learning on The Three Little Pigs. We have been learning to write expanded noun phrases and sentences using onomatopoeia. We have thought about what we would change our characters to ready to start writing a new story together next week.

In maths, we have practised adding different amounts of pounds and pennies, selected which notes and coins we need to make given amounts and have solved addition money problems.

In Science, we have started our learning about materials. We sorted different objects according to the material they were made from and looked for what different objects in our classroom are made from. The children loved building houses out of different materials and investigating which materials the Big Bad Wolf could blow down and which would be waterproof. We simulated the Big Bad Wolf by using a hairdryer!


We have continued our learning based on The Three Little Pigs, retelling the story using actions and expression. We have been learning about onomatopoeia (words that are sounds for example; bang, crash, whoosh) and writing sentences using onomatopoeia.

In maths, we have practised recognising coins and notes as well as adding coins and notes and decided which coins to use to match a given amount.

We have finished our science unit Animals and Humans, sorting different foods into food groups and drawing a healthy plate.

In PE we continued our gymnastics unit. In pairs the children explored different ways we can balance using varying numbers of points of balance.


It has been a lovely first week back, the children have enjoyed seeing their friends and sharing their news from their Christmas holidays.

In English we started our new story unit using the text ‘The three Little Pigs’ by Mara Alperin and Ag Jatkowska. We will be learning to use noun phrases, onomatopoeia and verbs in the past tense by writing our own version of the story.

In PE, we have started our gymnastics unit and have practised different ways to move.

In Science, we have been learning about the importance of being healthy, we have conducted an investigation to find out what happens to our heart rate when we do different types of exercise.