Barum 20/21

We have had a very busy first two weeks back at school. We have been talking about our hopes and dreams and the children have written their hopes and dreams on leaves to decorate our class tree. Our focus learning power is working together, the children really enjoyed taking part in some team challenges. In English the children have made a mini friend, they have thought 
This week we have interviewed our mini friends about their adventures and talked about what makes a good friend. We have completed our thought bubble artwork for our hopes and dreams display and continued thinking about working together taking part in team games in PE.
This week we have talked about our mini friends adventures and written some phrases we thought they would be saying. We have been learning about harvest and have thought about all the things we are grateful for. In Art we have used water colours to paint autumn leaves, and used fruit and vedgtabkes as stamps to create a whole class rainbow.
We’ve had another busy week in Barnum class. We have played the chime bars in music, sorted different materials in science and practised ball retrieval skills in PE. Best of all the class achieved 100 merits and they chose to have choosing time on Friday afternoon. 
This week we have been focusing on improving our handwriting. We finished our Mini friends adventure story and read them to the children in Tarka class. In maths we have been working on place value using the base ten equipment and in science we have thought about what properties materials will need to have to make a good umbrella for our mini friend.