Here are our finished Yvonne Coomber paintings, we're extremely proud of our work!
We made freeze-frames to act out the Easter Story. We thought about the events that happened on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 
We have been finding out if yeast is alive.
We have been predicting, observing and being scientists!
Yvonne Coomber is our focus artist this term. The paintings will be on sale at our garden centre afternoon. 
We have started preparing for our garden centre afternoon. 
 This afternoon we walked to Barnstaple library looking out for signs of Spring along the way. We learnt about how to search for books in the library either by author or subject. Look out for news about library book trackers in the next few days. 
We used pictograms in maths to represent our favourite Allan Ahlberg stories that we have read in class. 
We have been learning about germs! We used glitter and hand lotion to show how germs stay on our hands when we don't wash them properly. We could see how easily germs spread around the classroom from the glitter sparkling on pencils, door handles and tables. 
We had a lovely day at Rosemoor, we developed our sketching skills and enjoyed looking at the changes that winter has had. In the afternoon we learnt how to plant different seeds and look after them. We then brought them back to school with us and we look forward to watching them grow and tasting the produce later in the school year. 
The year 2's have been helping Jessie decide who is a trusted person that she can speak to if she feels worried, scared or sad. 
We have also been deciding what information is personal information and shouldn't be shared online. 
#freetobe is the theme for this year’s Safer Internet Day. Barum class have started thinking about what our identity is. 
What makes me, me?
This week we have been out and about taking temperatures using thermometers. We have been taking the temperature inside and outside the classroom every morning. 
We have been using a paint program and Microsoft Word in our computing lessons.  We have used the skills we have learnt to create Christmas greeting cards.  Please click on the files below to see our work.
We have been making pinch pots. We watched a video showing the techniques used by James De Rosso and have learnt to score, slip, press and compress when making a pot. 
Barum, Saunton, Exmoor and Lundy classes loved the performance of Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘I believe in unicorns’ by Theatre Alibi. It would be great if you could get the book to read to your children at home. 
Thank you to the PTFA for our treat.